Want To Get Noticed & Stand Out?

{FREE RESOURCE} Learn the easiest and most effective ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace… (Hint: it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘scummy’ marketing ‘tactics’ ;) )
Want To Get Noticed & Stand Out?

Audience Attraction + Revenue Strategies

For Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs


What would you do with more clients, more money and more time?

What if achieving expert status and inspiring people to know, like & trust you was easier?

What if your life-changing message could reach twice as many people, twice as fast?

… What if twice as much was only the beginning?

We work with coaches, speakers, authors and big-dreaming entrepreneurs who have a message, services and products that people desperately need – but a dirty little lie holds you back – telling you it’s hard to get out there in a much bigger way. 

When you see folks with online ‘fame’ and massive reach – you might feel that your message and offerings are just as good (if not better) than theirs and it frustrates you that you’re still relatively unknown – or worse – undervalued and underpaid because you’re not seen as an authority in your field.

We’ve found a leveraged way that serves us, and it’s our passion and joy to help purposeful entrepreneurs find their own way too — using online marketing to build businesses that make craploads of money, majorly impact those they serve, and give them the freedom to enjoy it all.




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I went through 3 internet marketing coaches in 2013 because they all SUCKED (and one cost me over $9,720)!!! In less than 30 days of working with Mike and Robin I made $4,296 through an online sale they helped me with my offer & how to write my emails. Not to mention a month later, they had me do another online sale and I made another $2,574.

They have helped me write a talk that's structured to sell, shown me exactly how to promote my webinars, and how to launch my programs. My first launch with Mike & Robin has profited me another $10,528 already (getting 188 new members in my Rockstar Mompreneurs Academunity in one pop) ... and this is just the beginning.

We are at barely 90 days working together and that's the results that I've had so far. $17,398 in 90 days. OMG!

Alishia Wilardson, Peak Power Coach www.RockstarMompreneurs.com

During the Marketing Game-Changer Program, I got a quick cash injection of $2000 right away, landed my biggest client ever, got 3 media mentions, a radio interview... and I am on 1st page of Google!"

Marilyn Arriaga, Goodie Bag Marketing | www.GoodieBagMarketing.com

I had been thinking of re-designing my website / blog for some time as my summer project and had been looking at some designs for ideas but I wasn't decided what direction to go yet. Then, I hooked up with Mike & Robin through my private FB group and I am so GLAD I DID! I got exposed to new ideas, online marketing & strategies as well as gazillions of new concepts, at least to me. Mike & Robin over-delivered on this coaching, giving away more than I've EVER had coaches give before.

Every week for 8 weeks, they were over the top in their training, clear, precise, simple with strategic action steps to build on. As a small business coach myself, I was totally impressed by the expertise they shared with the group. The old saying, "If you want to be a coach, YOU have to be coachable" proved true! I could clearly see these guys knew what they were talking about BECAUSE they had been coachable themselves. That is the highest compliment - a good coach is constantly learning and going higher.

Since implementing what I learned, these are some results:

  • Increased my income 30%
  • The conversion and optimization techniques got me 50% more appointments booked directly from my blog
  • My blog traffic increased from 2000-5000 views to 5000-8000 views daily
  • I get 3-4 sales conversations booked a week, these are targeted leads who already know they need or want what I offer, no convincing needed! Woohoo!

Game Changers Rocks!!! I highly recommend the Marketing Game-Changer Program to anyone looking to grow their business online. What you will learn from Mike & Robin will absolutely take your business to places unseen before. Take a step of faith and GO FOR IT!

Norma Doiron, Business Coach | NormaDoiron.net