Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms around, and
with good reason. Beautifully curated feeds, dynamic Story functions, and the
recent introduction of IGTV make for a social media network with staying power.

And it’s as great for its users as it is for your business. Instagram
can drive sales, generate leads, and boost engagement manifold. But to enjoy
all that, you first need a sizeable Insta following. To help you grow on this
visual platform, read on for some expert tips on blitzing the ‘gram.

Why does Instagram growth matter?

Is your Instagram growth really all that important? Does
your business really need to worry about this platform? The truth is:

Instagram is a marketing channel to be reckoned with. With 1
billion monthly active users (and counting) it’s home to a sizeable and diverse
consumer base.

It also generates engagement up to ten times higher than
that of Facebook, and its Story Ads alone boost click-through rate, ad recall,
and purchase intent, all at once.

In short, it’s a powerful marketing channel.

How to nail your Instagram growth today

You know why
Instagram growth is so vital for your business. But how do you grow your own
presence on the ‘gram?

BTW, buying Instagram followers only results in droves of
unqualified followers. Instead, rely on these tried-and-tested Instagram growth
strategies to blitz your ‘gram strategy today.

Cater to your audience and deliver what they

The foundation of genuine Instagram growth is strong
content. Your followers need a reason to follow you, and that reason is
regular, beautiful Insta posts.

But to really perfect this, you need to understand what your
audience wants to see on a deeper
level. What kind of content generates the most likes or the most comments? What
kind of content are people likely to get excited

Rather than guessing, look at the kind of content that is
popular within your niche already. Scope out your competitors on Insta and
identify the content that performs well for them.

Bolster this with some hashtag trawling, singling out the
hashtags that are most commonly used and the kind of content that they are
generally attached to.

By giving your followers what they want, you give them a
reason to follow you. Create content that resonates with your audience,
and you’ll see your follower count soar.

Be regular and consistent with your posting

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, social media is hard
work. To really grow your Instagram following, you need to post high-quality
visual content on a regular basis. Instagram’s ranking algorithm favors those
that routinely offer fresh posts, so it pays to do so.

And it’s not just your feed you need to update regularly.
Your Instagram Story should rarely be empty for long, always giving your
followers something: an insight into your business, a sneak peak of a new
product, or a special offer.

Before you start churning out posts though, research the
best time to post for your industry. Not everyone is on Instagram all the time,
and post visibility times vary between region, industry, and so on.

Make this easier by using a social automation
tool like Sked Social
so you can plan your posts months in

Get your customers to create content for you

Instagram growth isn’t achievable solo. Sometimes it pays to
get other people to do the hard work for you, specifically your customers.

User-generated content is a surefire way to swiftly and
easily generate growth on Instragram. It’s free publicity that your followers
love to provide.

A quick way to achieve this is through competitions,
offering your customers the chance to win upon submission of some on-point UGC.
Encourage applicants to tag you in the image and use a branded hashtag to give
you some visibility.

For an added bonus, make the prize super Instagrammable and
get the lucky winner to share their haul on social.

Partner with influencers to profit from their

Influencer marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.
Piggybacking on the sizeable following of popular social stars is an effective
means of boosting your Insta presence.

It builds on the relationship they have with their audience to expand your business’s reach on
the platform, which is money in the bank for your business.

Choose an influencer who fits with your niche by trawling
related industry hashtags
and reach out to those who really own them.

Offer a freebie in return for a product review, or create a
lasting partnership in which your chosen influencer creates a series of Insta
posts or stories shouting about your business.

Multichannel Instagram is the small business

Remember, Instagram is not a standalone element of your
marketing strategy. It works alongside your email, Facebook marketing, PPC, website,
offline ads, brochures, blogs — customers flitting between each during their
experience with your business.

Every business needs an agile, multichannel marketing
strategy that straddles several channels if it wants to see real growth,
whether you’re starting
a business from scratch
, franchising a local business, or building an ecommerce store online.
Don’t be intimidated by the perfect chia bowls and avocado spreads shared by
Insta influencers — there’s a place on Instagram for your content too. Product
launches, team photos, business meetings — these all make for great Instagram
photo opportunities.

As an entrepreneur or small business, growth is the name of
the game — and Instagram is a proven growth channel for small businesses.


  1. It integrates with other
    marketing channels through apps, tools, and APIs
  2. It’s easy to get started
    on Instagram and the content is cheap to produce
  3. Instagram scales with your
  4. Instagram is a great
    channel for content and idea ‘seeding’
  5. Instagram has affordable
    advertising options.

Instagram might be one small cog in your marketing machine, but it’s a
crucial one. Building your presence on the visual platform will pay off for
your business growth, so it’s worth getting right. Follow the tips above and
start blitzing the ‘gram now.

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