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Learn how to determine who can access your Google Analytics account. It is possible for users to be added by you at three different levels which are the account level, the property level, and the view level. As an example, when users are added at account level, they can access every of the account’s properties, as well as, views with similar permissions set. When users are added at view level, only that view can be accessed by them with the provided permissions. Access and permissions levels can be altered for users whenever you wish. Users are identified through their email […]

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How to make someone an Admin on your Facebook business page

In this guide, we will be walking you through the steps necessary to make a person an admin on your Facebook business page. Pages are simply those Facebook accounts that are used to carry out business or other activities that are not personalized. There are two ways to do it. You can do it: On Desktop, or On the mobile application for Facebook Page ON DESKTOP Visit https://www.Facebook.com from your browser and proceed to sign in. You may be logged in automatically. Now, locate the Facebook logo select it. You’ll see a white square positioned at the top left corner […]

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Getting people added on your Facebook ads account Available Permissions When you wish to grant a user access to your ad account on Facebook Business (or inside Business Manager), there are some available permissions. The permissions for admin come in 3 categories which equip you with better account management. When access permission is given to another person for your ad account, it is possible to determine their duties or what they can view. You can assign them any of these roles below – Admin When you assign someone an admin role, they will be able to see ads, create ads, […]

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Blitzing The ‘Gram: Instagram Growth Strategies That Work

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms around, and with good reason. Beautifully curated feeds, dynamic Story functions, and the recent introduction of IGTV make for a social media network with staying power. And it’s as great for its users as it is for your business. Instagram can drive sales, generate leads, and boost engagement manifold. But to enjoy all that, you first need a sizeable Insta following. To help you grow on this visual platform, read on for some expert tips on blitzing the ‘gram. Why does Instagram growth matter? Is your Instagram growth really all that […]

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Facebook Updates & Enhancements

Facebook recently introduced several new features and updates that make it a lot more powerful (and easier) for us as business owners and marketers. I recorded this video below detailing some of the newest (and most powerful) updates and new features to Facebook Ads & Ads Manager including: Campaign Level Split Testing New Dynamic Creatives Feature Marketplace as a new placement option And much more… Check it out below >> Click below to book a call with us to discuss implementing a customized Facebook (or Messenger) marketing campaign in your biz… On this call we will look at your existing offer […]

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New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

  • New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

    New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an incredible way to grow your business and grow your brand. It used to be enough to just have a ‘fan page’ and engage with your audience there but if you’ve been around Facebook for any time at all you know first hand that ‘fan pages’ are almost completely dead! More and more businesses are realizing that people are looking for a sense of community and Facebook groups give savvy business a tremendous opportunity to leverage this natural human desire… Not to mention the tremendous decline in reach and overall value of a ‘fan page’ Facebook groups […]

How This Ex-Con Started From Nothing to Build a 7-Figure Business

  • How This Ex-Con Started From Nothing to Build a 7-Figure Business How This Ex-Con Started From Nothing to Build a 7-Figure Business

    How This Ex-Con Started From Nothing to Build a 7-Figure Business

How This Ex-Con Started From Nothing to Build a 7-Figure Business* Ten years behind bars was an odyssey of dedication and perseverance, study and faith. Life afterward was just as challenging. Read the full article on Entrepreneur.com here >> https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/284717 *Courtesy of entrepreneur.com

[PODCAST] How to Change Your Mindset & Overcome Anything

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Overcoming ten years in prison…a hard childhood, abuse and poverty wasn’t easy…But I’ve done it and I believe anyone who wants it can, sometimes we just need inspiration. In this interview I sit with Kamala & Luis of ThrivingLaunch to share my story and how I believe anyone can overcome life’s challenges. Listen below: Get a copy of Mike’s best selling book on Amazon below:

5 Reasons Great Coaches Go Broke: Discover Why So Many Online Coaches With Great Ideas Go Broke… And How You Can Avoid The Same Traps

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If you’re an online coach or mentor who is STRUGGLING to grow and scale your business, you’re definitely not alone. Trust me… Over the years, Mike and I have seen a lot of the same struggles going on with coaches in all kinds of niches. These mistakes, hurdles, and traps bring even the greatest coaches to the brink of bankruptcy, and I don’t want to see that happen to you… You have an important message, talents, and unique gifts the world needs (plus, we want to see you make craploads of money and live more awesome)… So today, I’d like to […]

How To Stop Trading Your Time For Money

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If you’re anything like us, you started your own business with dreams of making insane amounts of money, never being tied down to the local, unpredictable economy, and never having to answer to “the man” again. You probably had dreams your days would go like this… You’d wake up whenever you wanted and never have to set an alarm clock because you live life on your own terms… You’d have the time and financial freedom to take a vacation whenever you wanted and travel to exotic destinations… You’d be able to finally earn an income doing what you love… without […]

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