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[VIDEO] How to stop wasting valuable dollars on the wrong Facebook ad placements (for coaches & consultants)…

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How to stop wasting valuable dollars on the wrong Facebook ad placements (for coaches & consultants)… Understanding the power of immediacy and context in your Facebook ad campaigns… Click below to watch this quick (yet highly powerful) video replay >>   << Learn more about Funnel Fanatics here >>

[VIDEO] How To Use The ‘Stockpile Method’ To Gain Massive Reach & Social Proof

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How To Use The ‘Stockpile Method’ To Gain Massive Reach & Social Proof Watch the replay below of a Facebook LIVE video where I teach you about a ninja Facebook ads hack Robin and I have been using called the ‘Stockpile Method’. In the video replay below I show you how we use it to stack up massive social proof and get tons of FREE organic traffic.  Watch below >> Click below to learn how Funnel Fanatics group marketing training can help you double your business in 2017 with powerful funnels, Facebook ads and online marketing strategies >> << Learn […]

How To Fix LeadPages Link Preview When Sharing URL On Facebook

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  • paste the facebook open graph code in leadpages
  • use facebook debugging tool after pasting facebook open graph tags into leadpages
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Have you ever shared a LeadPages URL link on Facebook, and the link preview is jacked up? It happens every day to you, me, and everyone else.  You go to share your LeadPages URL on Facebook and instead of seeing your pretty page you worked so hard on, you get problems like this: No image shows up when you share your LeadPages link An image, or several images DO show up… but not the one you want Or you just see some mumbo-jumbo and not a good page title or description There’s a simple fix to this LeadPages display problem.  […]

10,621 (Raving) Facebook Fans In 15 Days

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Here’s a cool story about how Robin and I built a fan page with over 10,000 raving fans in less than 15 days… One evening Robin and I are just chilling out on the couch watching our normal evening of shows and chit-chatting… Usually this chit-chatter leads into something about marketing (we can’t help it, we breathe this stuff)… Either a commercial pops on that is genius or we hear something that strikes a chord and… …BAM! We’re off to the races. Well on this particular evening something stuck out to the both of us, at the very same time. […]

Since When Does Social Media ‘Engagement’ Pay Your Bills?

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I can’t tell you how many times I read or hear something about Facebook marketing or social media marketing and all I tend to hear is that it is all about ‘creating engagement’.  I’m sure you’ve read enough blogs or watched enough webinars that said this to know what I’m talking about here, right?  And well I’m kind of sick of hearing this and you should be too!  The last time I checked my bank won’t allow me to write a check for ‘engagement’.  Nope!  It has to be in dollars.  So why are so many entrepreneurs being told that […]

3 LinkedIn Marketing ‘MUSTS’ For Every Small Business

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For those of you that know Robin and I at all you know that she lives and breathes on Facebook, creating engagement, sparking conversation and generating new leads for our business every day (you’ve probably already had a chat with or her or shared something together 🙂 ) and while I do use Facebook quite a bit LinkedIn is definitely where I like to spend time and build relationships and I have seen such tremendous success using LinkedIn that I wanted to share a few foundational tips I think will really transform how and why you use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is […]

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3 Ways to Massively Increase BOTH Bottom Lines Using Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing… It’s No “Hidden Secret”… It’s really a no brainer that you HAVE GOT TO BE SEEN on social media in today’s day and age if you want to play the game for big bucks… but it seems that there is this “ever-elusive” formula to success that only the “Gurus” know, and it’s just not true.  There’s no secret formula, secret sauce or anything really secret at all.  One of the biggest things I’ve found in working with entrepreneurs is that there is this fear to be real, to be genuine and well, that is exactly what your […]

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3 Creative Ways to Seize On the Growing Power of Mobile Marketing

  • 3 Creative Ways to Seize On the Growing Power of Mobile Marketing 3 Creative Ways to Seize On the Growing Power of Mobile Marketing

    3 Creative Ways to Seize On the Growing Power of Mobile Marketing

We’ve all been in a restaurant or at the store and seen those people with their faces buried in their phones, right?  What are they looking at?  Who are they searching for?  What products are they buying?  While I’m a big proponent of NOT being glued to my phone or wireless device the fact still remains that a large percentage of our target audience IS, and if we want to reach them in one of the places where they spend a very large portion of their “attentive” time then we MUST get savvy with effective mobile marketing strategies. Mobile Social […]

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42 Tutorials on How To Use Google Plus: The Motherload of Resources

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If you’re not using Google Plus – you’re missing out! Although Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data (remember they’re competitors). This limits their SEO effectiveness.  But not so with Google+.  So I’m sure by now you’ve heard and seen the major shift towards Google’s social platform but maybe it seems like too much to learn.  We’ve gone ahead and compiled 42 of the best “How to use Google Plus” tutorials below so you can get in the game and start leveraging the marketing power of Google Plus!   Just […]

Facebook Link Preview Not Working? Little Known Secret Fix

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Have you ever shared a URL and found that the Facebook link preview isn’t working properly? You’re going to love me forever for what I’m about to share with you!  Haha 🙂  I’ve banged my head against the wall.  I’ve wasted many hours tweaking the back end of my WordPress website over and over again, trying all kinds of tips. Nothing seemed to work other than ‘waiting it out’ just chalking it up to the good old ‘Facebook Bugs’.  Then sooner or later it would magically show the link preview correctly (sometimes it would be hours, sometimes a day or […]

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