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I Got… 99 Problems But ‘Search’ (Engines) Ain’t One?

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SEO… SEM… and whatever other anagram you want to use… You know the industry with a million ‘Gurus’ promising you the ever coveted ‘Number 1 ranking’ on Google (but very rarely deliver). And ya know for years Robin and I looked at this ‘service’, heard from clients who wondered why folks ever bought into it.  I also find that the one question very few businesses answer, in their hot pursuit of #1 rankings, is “What are you going to do once you get there?” At best these businesses who paid their way to top found themselves just increasing their bounce […]

Let’s Get Visible, Visible! (Is visibility ALL that matters?)

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So You Want To Be An Online Rockstar?  It Takes More Than Just Online Visibility! You’ve got a killer message, your passionate about helping the world, your offerings are amazing, you just re-branded and have a great new look but your sphere of influence is a measly 87 people. Sound familiar? Well don’t get all in a tizzy and worried about your numbers and sphere of influence.  As I’ve shared in other articles it’s not the size of your list – it’s how you work it.  And that has never been more true!   We All Want More Online Visibility, […]

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