clieent-attractionIf you’ve been around Robin and I for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard us talk, write, speak or even rant about how you should not ONLY be ‘qualifying’ prospects (heck everyone knows that right?) but even further you should be actively, purposefully and effectively DISQUALIFYING prospects as well.

If you find yourself on sales calls where the person just wants to pick your brain, doesn’t have enough money, has no clue what you do or how you can help them, isn’t ready to take the next step or a million other things then this right here is your problem. You’re not disqualifying the wrong folks!

You’ve got no ‘Fabulocity’ maaaaannn! 🙂

What the heck is ‘Fabulocity’, eh?

Well, we like to call it the ‘chemistry & strategy’ behind client attraction.

Alot of folks talk about ‘client attraction’ but we very rarely hear about BOTH components behind what really ‘attracts’ clients to you like a magnet.

There’s strategy AND there is also chemistry.

Let’s use Robin and me for example. We speak our minds, we call out marketing non-sense whenever we see it, and we’re a little rough around the edges sometimes, this is really and genuinely WHO we are (our ‘chemistry’, if you will) and you know what, the folks that jive with it absolutely LOVE us and those that don’t, well, they don’t ‘love’ us so much (had another word but I wanted to keep this puppy positive 🙂 )… and here’s the coolest part… we don’t give a ‘flyin’ Flip Wilson’! Nope not one bit. We actually hope to (and strategize how to) turn away certain folks, on purpose.

Here’s why:

When you try to speak to or ‘please’ everyone you wind up connecting with NOONE! And connecting is where the real power is.

‘Buckshot marketing’ won’t do you any good at all!

client-attraction-strategiesYou have to speak to and connect as if you were speaking to just ONE person.

By the time someone has either gotten on our list or setup a discovery call with us they’re pretty much ‘pre-sold’ and totally diggin’ our style. Most sales calls I have are 15 minutes or less (and coaching with us is a 5 figure investment).

Now, we didn’t ‘get this’ overnight. We developed our Fabulocity over time but all along we had clarity and focus on WHO we were and HOW we wanted to be perceived. We knew where we were going and what we needed to do to get there… because we always like to say, “Your marketing can’t do what YOU don’t know”… Ahhhhh, profound, eh? 🙂

So you definitely have to find your ‘Fabulocity’ and ride that baby ‘til the doors fall off…

You have to know who you are, own it and allow it toflow it into every piece of your marketing.

A little disclaimer here (for those with gentle stomachs 🙂 ), utilizing the power of ‘Fabulocity’ will create division and even some haters for sure. Some folks will love it while others, ehhhhh, not so much. But like I said above, “Who the heck cares!”

Drawing lines in the stand may divide folks and that’s good. Division creates FANATICS! The reason it creates fanatics is because it creates sides. When people are forced to choose sides they become fanatical about the side they choose. If you need to see this in action just turn your TV to an NFL game on Sunday and look for the guy in his underwear and full body paint. Fanatic, right?

Sides create fans!

A perfect example of this is what we see going on between Samsung and Apple with the upcoming releases of their respective new phones. Samsung has taken a very solid stand AGAINST the iPhone in its recent marketing. Now are they going to ‘win over’ Apple fans? No, they’re fans but they will attract the middle grounders who don’t love Apple but have been looking for a ‘side’. Samsung gets it! Create sides by drawing a solid line in the sand and attract the RIGHT folks to your side. We might call this the ‘fan creation machine’… ahhh it has a nice ring to it! 🙂

So by now you’re thinking, “Cool, this is awesome but what about me? How do I apply this to MY business?” and I’m totally with ya… 

You have to find and own YOUR Fabulocity!  You can’t be content to ‘go with the flow’ or be ‘run of the mill’…(this is actually some of what we cover in our recently released training “Fabulocity: The Chemistry & Strategy Of Client Attraction” if you missed it you can learn more here >>

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or feedback below…

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