Want To Get Predictable “Cash Injections” With Email Marketing? (Even If Your List Is Small)

Then Keep Reading…

If you have products & programs that people want…

And if you know how to type a few words, and click “SEND”…

I guarantee you’re sitting on way more cash than you even realize 😉

Over the past 5 years, we’ve generated millions of dollars for ourselves, and our private coaching clients, with email marketing…

And we’ve discovered a few things along the way… including the exact formula YOU need to send emails that give you immediate CASH INJECTIONS

(yes, as much as we deplore “cookie-cutters”… turns out there actually IS a formula for this stuff).

We have used and taught these email ‘cash injection’ methods to people from all over the globe. All you have to do is follow the “Email Cash Injection Formula” and you’ll see exactly why doing easy email offers… the same way we do them… can bring you cash the quickest way possible with the least amount of “busy work” and “pieces to build”.

You see, there’s no big fancy launch…

There’s no 4-part video series…

There’s no webinar to write and figure out…

There’s no JV and affiliate promos needed…

You simply send a few emails… exactly the way we show you to do it… and within minutes… you get results like these…

alishia email sale 1


karen biggest day

sale no pic

These are real results… from real people… who wanted to skip all the guru fancy-pants, showy, expensive ways to sell stuff…

And instead, they followed our lead, and took the shortest route to cash

If you want to make the maximum amount of money in the quickest time possible with email, then this training can help you do just that.

What If You Could Just Push ‘Send’ And Watch Your Business Grow?

If you’re anything like us, I’m sure you’d love a way to be able to learn…

Solid principles that are anchored with results

Strategies that take the guess work out of email marketing ensuring that even your first email brings in sales (no matter how small your list is)

And an easy-to-understand plan that lays everything out in clear terms.seo training for wordpress - make money online

Well you’re in luck! Because…

We’re about to show you some stuff that… when we put it to action… our business went from “pretty good” to absolutely freakin’ amazing… going from selling trash on Craigslist … to making well over $100,000 in LESS THAN a 6 months out of the gate of being coaches and consultants, with a brand new website.

It’s deep stuff, it’s different, it’s thought-provoking and will challenge the norms… But it’s oh so thorough.

This is the exact same info we share with private coaching clients (who pay us over $17,000/year) and it’s the same info we use to review other people’s existing marketing systems ($1,000 minimum to review).

This training is geared to show you exactly what you need to know to make money with email marketing. Period! NO FLUFF!!

You’ll get so many ah-ha’s and actionable strategies like…

  • How to take pre-existing content you already have (and even things other people have) and structure a compelling offer to the people on your list
  • Why all that ‘free’ content is actually killing your sales
  • Some super cool people-knowing psychology stuff that gets your fans to say yes with the quickness
  • What is the ‘right’ amount of emails to send and when
  • How to construct a super-compelling offer that folks can’t refuse

So you see, this training is much more than a how-to…

The Email
Cash Injection Formula




Here’s Exactly What You Get After You Order:

  • 2-hour audio lesson on everything you need to know to make money with email (from the big picture strategy all the way to details of each piece, as well as understanding the psychology behind it all)
  • Video version (with mindmap for visual learners)
  • Mindmap file
  • Action steps to build an offer that gets people saying YES
  • “Fill in the blank” templates, swipe files and even examples of actual emails that made us hundreds of thousands of dollars

email sale no pic2So you see, everything you need to make an email offer to your list, and bring in cash the quickest way possible is all here.


But listen…

If you’re just temporarily excited about the testimonials you saw above, and “the idea” of making money, but are not ready to do real work… then you should not buy.

This is for serious folks only.

Because there’s a lot of money to be made online.

And people who know email are raking it in… fast.

Now it’s time to choose if you want in or not.



P.S. >> Given the fact that ’email marketing’ is hotter than ever (beating social media by more than 300%)… it’s high time to start getting in on some of that action and getting the attention you deserve!


Robin & Mike Pisciotta are highly sought-after Marketing Mentors & Revenue Strategists who have transformed hundreds of their clients into ‘funnel fanatics’ and ‘leverage lovers’ through list building, email marketing, launches, funnels, automation, and conversion techniques that have resulted in multi-million dollar successes.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs all over the world are paying attention to what Mike & Robin have to say about leverage, and their strategies that bring accelerated results, without being a slave to your business.   As stay at home parents of a four-year-old son & brand new baby girl, they believe that making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, so they’ve mastered the art of leveraging and maximizing every ounce of your online marketing so you can serve more people, make craptons of money… and have the freedom to enjoy it all.

“We’re just a couple of crazy dreamers who believe it’s possible for EVERYONE to build unique and profitable biz that everyone’s talking about, while having the freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest.” ~~ Mike & Robin Pisciotta