‘Positive Confusion’ And Its Marketing Power

iStock_000012210065XSmallNo matter where you may stand on the use of emotion in marketing the fact still remains that humans are emotional creatures and many of the decisions we make are based on emotion.  We may try to argue this away, rationalize it or even deny it but the facts are the facts.  We tend to buy based on emotion FIRST and then justify it with reason later.  This is just the way we are wired. 

Very often when our brain says we want something we tend to then look for reasons to justify that want and make the purchase instead of vice versa. 

Along with emotion we tend to NOT buy when things are either ‘over-fluffed’ or just down-right confusing.  Understanding how to use these in a way that works and in a way that is GENUINE is tantamount to success both online and off.

There’s actually another very cool spin on this because there are 2 sides to the strategy.  Just like there are two types of emotional responses; ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ such as happiness, fear, anxiety or joy there are also two types of ‘confusion’ as well.  What?  What the heck does that mean? You may be thinking.  And well I’m glad you asked. 🙂  We’re accustomed to thinking of confusion as an altogether ‘bad’ thing especially when it comes to online marketing and business in general.

I want to use a very common example we’ve all either encountered or have experienced to illustrate just how powerful this ‘positive’ confusion can be, when used correctly.

Almost everyone on the planet has a cell phone, right?  And so we all know just how annoying it can be when we have to shop for a new plan but guess what?  The cell phone companies also know how annoying it is for you as well and they use that to their advantage with ‘positive confusion’.  Let me show you how.

597022Understanding and comparing different cell phone plans is a pain and takes too forever. Who the heck wants to spend all day comparing monthly minutes and text-message limits, data usage and blah, blah, blah?  So what do we do? We go with the unlimited plan, right? It may not always be the ‘best value’ but it definitely the easiest one to understand.  And yup you guessed it…

Cell phone companies make the most money from unlimited plans, and so this gives them a sort of ‘incentive’ to make the other plans a bit confusing because it funnels you toward the one they REALLY want you to buy.  The unlimited plan.  You see they used a bit of ‘negative’ or ‘reverse’ conversion to lead you toward the plan they really wanted you to buy.  It’s genius, right?

How It Can Work For You…

You see the real value in this strategy is that they have found a way to control their funnel.  As business coach, retail store or whatever business you may be in we all have certain packages or products that are the best ‘sell’ from our perspective.  Perhaps your mid-level coaching program is a phenomenal value but it requires far more work on your end than your higher-level program.  Or maybe you sell lip-gloss and your ‘strawberry’ flavor has a lower margin than your ‘blueberry’ flavor.  You can employ this strategy to help make the process ‘easier’ for potentials to say YES to the package or product that YOU want them to buy. 

So take this strategy and let it open your mind to more creative and effective way to position your products and services.  You’ll love the results!

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