Facebook groups are an incredible way to grow your business and grow your brand. It used to be enough to just have a ‘fan page’ and engage with your audience there but if you’ve been around Facebook for any time at all you know first hand that ‘fan pages’ are almost completely dead!

More and more businesses are realizing that people are looking for a sense of community and Facebook groups give savvy business a tremendous opportunity to leverage this natural human desire…

Not to mention the tremendous decline in reach and overall value of a ‘fan page’ Facebook groups are a great place to stay connected and engage with your audience.

If you haven’t yet started building a group on Facebook I would highly urge you to start sooner than later…

And Facebook just made it that much better to own and manage a group with a few awesome updates…

So let’s look at some these cool new features:

  1. Group Insights.

As a data junky I can’t tell you how excited this one makes me. We can now actually see all the juicy data we need to make educated decisions about engagement, growth and more. YES!! Understanding what content resonates with members will allow us to share more like it!

  1. Scheduled Posts.

Another one of my favorite new features. This is great to setup a bunch of quality posts in advance and schedule them for the maximum ‘engagement’ times.

  1. Removed Member Cleanup.

This one right is incredibly valuable especially if you want actually run a group that provides value as opposed to a SPAM farm 😊. If a troll or SPAMMER slips into a group posting about Ray-Bans, get-rich-quick crap or some other non-sense and gets removed, Facebook now allows admins to instantly delete all their posts and comments.

We used to have to search the group and delete each of their comments one by one… UGGGGHHH! So this new feature is super convenient and allows us to keep our groups clean and full of value.

  1. Membership Request Filtering.

Facebook recently launched a questionnaire feature which allows admins to get some insight into the potential member, their business and how they found the group. Now Facebook is automating the screening decision process by letting admins set certain filters to allow or disallow requests. This particular feature isn’t perfect yet as it can still allow or disallow people who should or shouldn’t be allowed in but I think it’s a great step in the right direction.

Above all I am super excited that Facebook is enhancing the group experience as this ‘community’ feature is an incredibly valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

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