Mike Pisciotta

 { Founder & Online Marketing Visionary }


Mike Pisciotta is a focused, unstoppable and internationally acclaimed internet marketing expert and social media junkie.   He is a New Yorker with a snappy sarcastic sense of humor and very loud voice that if you “get him” you can’t help but love him.  You’ll notice that he is very aggressive, fast-paced, always moving, can’t sit still to save his life, and he absolutely loves to take charge.  Mike has used these characteristics to his advantage to create a persistent force to be reckoned with.  He is a learning machine who taught himself to read and write 4 additional languages in just under 3 years!  Mike is truly a phenom who keeps himself busy consistently improving himself and his many online businesses at a rapid rate.

Mike enjoys being the head honcho around here. He is a natural born teacher and loves consulting & coaching our clients in all their online marketing endeavors. Mike’s got quite the personality and is a dynamic speaker at many local and online events as well as being a guest expert on radio shows and joint ventures.  His confidence, authority and presence makes him the obvious choice to be the main ‘face’ of Marketing Your Purpose.  He also authors several internet marketing articles to share his passion and give back to the business community.

A graduate of Brevard Community College, Mike obtained his Business Administration Degree and is also Certified in eCommerce and Internet Marketing.  Mike is an innovator of specialized lead generation strategies on various social media platforms.  He also has a natural fiscal acumen that is imperative when assessing marketing returns and maximizing social investment. And when he isn’t working, Mike enjoys being active in his church community and rooting for his NY Giants!  He’s an insane Giants fan, the kind that you might see with a naked painted body in 20-degree weather at a game!  He unwinds by playing a few video games, playing with his son and pit bulls, working out, learning and doing some more work!  He thinks taking a nap is a waste of time.



Robin Pisciotta

{ Founder & Creator of Fabulousness }


Robin Pisciotta is a fun, quirky, tenacious and business-savvy entrepreneur that brings more than 20 years of experience in more professional environments than you can think of.  With experience ranging from sales and marketing, telemarketing, social media, online business management, administrative management, logistics, court reporting and transcription, all the way to being a radio DJ and on-air personality, cashiering, refereeing high school basketball, driving a tow truck, hospitality, Certified Nursing Assistant, and dance aerobics instructing… she is well-rounded to say the least.  Robin was raised with a crazy work ethic and has never met a challenge that she’s not willing to undertake and master.

Utilizing a combination of old-school business sense, quick thinking, online expertise and a warm heart, Robin enjoys coaching clients through startups, product launches, visibility and lead generation that has resulted in multimillion dollar successes and long term relationships in a broad array of industries and customer segments.  Robin also heads up our operations, developing efficient systems that kick booty and keep everyone organized.  She also scouts, trains and manages our super fab team.

Possessing a contagious energy and passion for her work, Robin’s drive to better herself and those she works with makes her an exceptionally effective, passionate leader that sets a high bar for her team while provoking intense loyalty at the same time. When she isn’t working on at least twelve different projects, she finds the time to bring that same degree of intensity to her personal passions – playing with her son, photography, traveling, serving at church, writing and using her home-grown cooking talents to pour love on her friends and family.


John Pisciotta

{ Quality Assurance & Bringer of Joy }


Although he is only 2 years old, he is quite a smart cookie.  John understands English & Italian and can even do sign language!  He’s got a major case of OCD and knows where everything should go, and he will make sure he lets you know if you didn’t put something away or left a door open.  His personality is so hilarious and we just know that he’s a little entrepreneur in the making.

Around here John’s main job is keeping mommy and daddy grounded.  Mike & Robin are so driven and always busy accomplishing their goals, so having a cute little guy climbing up in their lap while working away is a good way to keep them reminded of why they do what they do.  John also helps push them harder towards excellence, to the be the best at what they do, so they can continue to have the freedom to enjoy having him in their lives.


April Lewis

{ Beastmode Assistant & Right Hand Gal }

You know the type: detailed, organized, OCD, type A personality… anal?  That’s April, VERY into details.  Her favorite thing to do is make a list.  Well, that and help someone out.  April is like a jack of all trades.  She gets bored with monotony and likes to challenge her skills and abilities.

April does a little bit of everything for Mike & Robin: customer support, social media assistance, tech assistance, creates SOP’s, keeping the mastermind group for all our Funnel Fanatics students running like a well-oiled machine, and assists Robin with managing her ever-flowing stream of genius.

When she’s not in beastmode, April enjoys singing, playing piano, hanging out with her church group, and urban homesteading.  She has her own 40×40 backyard garden and four Wyandotte chickens affectionately known as The Lewis Chicks: Henrietta, Lady Grey, Dixie, and Lily.  She’s into heirloom seeds and seed saving for the future.  Her plans are to expand her mini urban homestead to include a cow named Ribeye and a pig named Bacon.


Josh Adams

{ Web Developer & Techy Innovator }

Josh lives and breathes web design and technology.  He started his programming career at the very young age of eleven!  This guy is an absolute tech-genius that’s a true asset to our team and clients.  “If you can think it – he can build it”.  If there’s a program, app, shortcode, script, plugin or anything you can think of to automate and make life easier, tell your idea to him and he’ll create it.  Yeah, he’s that dude.

Around here, Josh heads up all our web design projects.  He makes sure all the techy boring things that regular folks don’t know, and don’t want to know (but are absolutely vital) are taking place behind the scenes, like fast page load time, clean code, SEO and all that good stuff.  If you ever pictured a web geek shotgunning Red Bulls working through the wee hours of the night, yeah, he’s that dude.

When he’s not innovating something super cool, Josh enjoys being an active part in ministry and outreach, playing Ultimate Frisbee, rooting for his Pittsburgh Steelers and hanging with friends and family.

Lauren Stallbaum

{ Lead Graphic Designer & Digital Artist Extraordinaire }

Much more than a ‘graphic designer’, Lauren is a natural born artsy type.  She was a major art nerd all throughout her school years, painting, doodling, interior design, you name it.  Creativity is her middle name.  She was blessed to be ‘discovered’ by some techy guys who took notice to her eye for design, and they took her under their wing teaching her the tech and digital side of design.  So now fully armed with everything an artist needs in today’s business climate, there’s nothing she can’t create!

Around here, Lauren heads up all of our design projects for clients – wowing the heck out everybody.   She creates fabulous original work, but also has a special ability to carry on the ‘look’ of an already established brand, when a client comes to us for supplementary work.  She’s such a gem to have around, always positive and accommodating, never complaining about a thing.

When she’s not working or thinking about Star Wars, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids, DIY house projects and being outdoors.  She’s a true Florida gal and feels claustrophobic if there’s not an ocean or river nearby.  And like everyone on our team, she lives for football season!  This girl bleeds blue and orange and has been a Gator fan ever since she could say “Chomp, Chomp!” and became a Broncos fan through marriage.