Mike Pisciotta Interviewed by Joshua Smith of GSD Mode Podcast.

In this episode I share:

  • Some of my personal story from #InmateToEntrepreneur and my overcomer’s journey from prison to being a successful entrepreneur
  • How Robin and I got started with our business
  • How we keep our focus together on our business continuing to level up and succeed
  • And how we used our failure(s) to leverage freedom for ourselves
  • BONUS:  I share the reason I feel entrepreneurs fail starting with their approach to online marketing, common mistakes people make with Facebook ads, and a glimpse at goal setting.

Resources Mentioned:

The GSD Mode Podcast interviews top entrepreneurs, top health and fitness professionals, and straight up bad asses that are dominating their field of expertise.  Life is brief.  We all have an expiration date.  As far as I know reincarnation doesn’t exist, so we only get one crack at this.  It’s sad to see so many people living life so lackadaisical filled with regrets.  Our podcast is meant to inspire people to get out there and create that life and business that you want and deserve.  To subscribe, click here.

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