PART 1 – A Faith-Filled Entrepreneurial Journey with Robin and Mike Pisciotta

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In PART 1 of this podcast we share:

  • Robin’s former job on the radio + how we met
  • Background story of how we got started doing what we’re doing
  • How we “funded our dream”
  • Our journey filled with tons of lows, hard life circumstances and how we approached it during times that were scary as crap for us
  • Our point of view on the whole “faith and business” stuff 🙂
  • The big passion inside us of what ways we love to give back


PART 2 – Working Together Effectively As A Married Couple In Business

In PART 2 of this podcast we share:

  • about our journey in marriage
  • what arguments are like being married & biz partners {being two feisty people, haha}
  • we talk about our “turning point” of why and how we created freedom for ourselves
  • what biz model we love the most and follow…

And for those of y’all that have heard “our story” on webinars before… this episode has the “extended version” and I GUARANTEE you’ll learn something new about us that’s not usually in the “short version” of the story…

HINT: Mike’s background and testimony will give you A LOT more context into why we’re so no-nonsense, why we got no sympathy for “victim mentality” and why we know a thing or two about “struggle” and building from the BOTTOM of the bottom… and why we’re passionate about helping people build businesses in smart ways (if we could do it with our circumstances that you’ll hear about in this episode, then YOU can certainly do it)


The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Podcast seeks to inspire, inform, and equip entrepreneurs of faith to build thriving Spirit-led businesses so they can serve their families, truly impact lives, and advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. Yes, that is a mouthful and yes, that is indeed their mission. This isn’t business as usual.

The podcast tackles a variety of topics that help you to experience God’s best in your life and business. A new episode is released every Wednesday.

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