How we approach online marketing.

Brace yourself. We do things a little differently around here. You might not be used to some of our approaches to marketing so here’s where we give you the grand initiation about our marketing methods to see if you’ve got what it takes to hang with us.

Get personal

You can market yourself and your business online and your sales pages can be fun, authentic, creative, interesting, funny, honest, full of integrity and genuine service… being real, vulnerable, caring, transparent and financially successful!

Sometimes small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs, try to appear larger than they really are in attempt to gain credibility and impress potential clients. This usually ends up making them appear pretty darn impersonal, not to mention fake and icky. We think your marketing should embrace everything about being a business run by INDIVIDUALS – your marketing should embrace everything about you – that’s what will make you stand out in a sea of impersonal, nameless corporations.

Always be Analyzing

At the core we’re pretty nerdy around here. We find metrics quite sexy. Any good marketing campaign starts with tons of research and has continual monitoring and measuring of metrics. If you’re the smart entrepreneur we think you are (because you’re here) then don’t settle for doing things just because you’ve always done it that way, or because everyone else is doing it. If the numbers aren’t telling you what you want to hear, fix something quick.

Be led by your numbers

Everyone has strategies, everyone teaches strategies… and everyone is trying to sell you a strategy. But we believe that certain strategies only work for certain audiences. You need to know what works for YOUR ideal clients and your tribe, and the only way to know this is from the results you get from your own implementation. (So, you’ve got to be taking action, implementing things, and going by your own numbers, not just what some guru told you would work.)

Absolutely nothing should dictate what strategy you implement on a regular basis into your standard operations and procedures, other than the results of testing… not any expert, not any coach, not even us. Let people give you strategies, but only stick with the ones that prove to work for your peeps.

Little tweaks are oh so smart

Look for ways to improve your business incrementally and do something a little better every day. Do you have an 18% open rate on your ezine or newsletter that you’re pretty happy with? Test out sending it on a different day or time and see if you can get a better result. Change the copy on your call to action, change the layout on your sales page, try to generate leads in a new way. We think you should always be making small changes on a regular basis and measuring the results of those changes. Never stop tweaking until you’ve blown it out of the park and found your sweet spot of maximum impact… then set higher goals and tweak some more!

Creativity & Innovation

Traditionalists in business don’t get anywhere – but left behind. To get noticed in big ways, you’ve got to push the envelope, and not be afraid to try new things. We’re totally the type to buck the trend and create something new and fresh. Why not? All the marketing tactics you’re following now were started by someone who had the idea and went with it first, right? Don’t let that scare you away – we’re rebels but not stupid. Of course we test and measure all our ideas and we absolutely will not continue something that’s not working. Will we help you with traditional strategies? Of course we will, but we might not be as excited about it. And you want to excite us, don’t you?


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