Does Your Website Work For Your Business?What-Makes-A-Successful-Web-Design

Are You Talking “at” Your Visitors or… “to” Your Visitors?

Unlike many web developers and designers we are also internet marketers and we bring a tremendous understanding of what works as well as top conversion practices into our WordPress web design and development.  Web presence is all about conversion and it is amazing just how many businesses and entrepreneurs never really look at whether or not their website helps or hurts their business.

Our process is very easy. We focus on listening!  We listen to your goals and most of all we listen to your message.  The difference between a website that works for you and one that doesn’t is one simple thing; do you know who you are talking to?

Building a website that works for you and your business is much more than just coding and tech stuff its about understanding your visitor, understanding what they want, why they want it and how to deliver it in the simplest, most effective fashion.  Below are just some of the pieces of our award winning design.  Scroll to the bottom and fill out the form so we can discuss your business and marketing goals and help you create a Lead Generating Machine for YOUR business a.k.a a “website” 🙂

1362442974_tick_64Designed Specifically For YOU

YOU have a message! People love what you do and who you are. Now you’re website should speak that message loud and clear!

1362442974_tick_64Fully Responsive Design

Over 70% of internet searches are done on a mobile device and of that 70% nearly 50% of those visitors are ready to buy right then.  A responsive website will “respond” to ANY screen size displaying to the visitor a complete version of your website made to fit right into their viewing space whether on a mobile device or a large monitor.

1362442974_tick_64W3C Standard Compliant

This is “techy” talk for saying that everything will work and be error free so the big guys at Google won’t penalize you.

1362442974_tick_64Get Your Site Quickly

We develop your website quickly and efficiently; it is up and running speaking your message and reaching your market in just a few weeks.

1362442974_tick_64Custom WordPress Design

We create custom WordPress websites, giving you full access to update and manage your website without having to rely on a “web guy” for the rest of your life.

1362442974_tick_64All the Bells & Whistles

From calendars to galleries to sliders, quizzes, surveys and more. Not only can build and design whatever you may need but we also understand how to reach your market and can help you understand what makes and what doesn’t for YOUR business.

1362442974_tick_64Full Browser Compatibility

Our websites are tested in all major browsers for full compatibility before launching.

1362442974_tick_64Websites that Convert

All of our websites are designed with results in mind. For you, that means more leads, conversions and sales!

1362442974_tick_64e-Commerce Options

Integrate a fully customizable e-Commerce solution right into your website using 1Shopping Cart, 3D Cart, Infusionsoft or whatever shopping cart you prefer.

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