1158244.largeConversion. It’s the lifeblood of our online business. We need it to survive.

Robin and I talk a lot about ‘CCD’ or conversion centered design. So today I want to pull out one of the key principles behind conversion centered design and lay it out for ya. Ya dig?

Alright cool.

At the very heart of great (and increasing) conversion rates is one simple principle. Clarity.

Ahhhhh… it’s oh so simple. 🙂

Buuuutttt… Miss this and your landing pages will attract leads and sales like a deserted island in the far Pacific. 🙂

So often we look at or review landing pages for clients and what we find is the ‘experience’ created for the visitor (yes, a landing page is an experience) is just confusion. Very often there is a disconnect somewhere on the page that creates confusion (perhaps a ‘clever’ headline, an unclear CTA or something else out of place) and it leaves the visitor wondering, “What the heck am I doing here”. Conversion killer, ya think? 🙂

So what do we do? Where do we focus?

I’m going to dig in and show you 3 specific areas to focus on to create clarity and how you can apply these right now to increase your conversions but first I want to talk a little bit about a very powerful concept that ties right into this. We learned this from a mentor years ago and it revolutionized how we approach almost everything in our marketing. It’s called the ‘Power of One’.

Simply put this translates into having one, single focus (or one goal. i.e. opt-in, sale, download, etc.) on your landing pages, on your sales pages, in your copy, in your emails… yeah, pretty much everywhere.

The ‘Power of One’ and clarity work hand in hand, that’s why I wanted to bring it into this article.

Having one single focus allows you to be much clearer and also helps you remove every unnecessary element, word, headline and period that doesn’t directly lead to that one single focus.

Still with me?

Ok good.

So now let’s dive in a little deeper and look at 3 simple ways to bring in more clarity.

For this first component of clarity I want to look at something that drives Robin and I absolutely insane when we see it (and if you know us at all by now then you know we’re pretty anal when it comes to this stuff 🙂 )… trying to be clever instead of being clear.

Remember clear trumps clever all day long.

Very often I see headlines or copy snippets that make no sense to me at all. It’s as if as if I was the one guy left out of the ‘inside joke’. Trying to be clever just for clever’s sake is only going to confuse people and we all know confused folks don’t convert.

So what to do?

  • Write the way your audience talks. You have to know your market and communicate in the way that makes sense to them.
  • Pick up on and continue the conversation already happening in their heads when they arrive on your landing page.

Being clear is about making your audience feel like you get them, like you understand them.

Here’s an example of a recent landing page we were promoting (this page converted so well Lead Pages featured it as a top 10 best page for June… you can see that here)


What made this page so powerful was its simplicity.

If you notice the copy used is short, straight forward and most important… these are the very words our audience uses to describe what we are offering.

Understanding your audience in a way that allows you to write ‘to’ them and not ‘at’ them will revolutionize your conversions.

This requires you to have some real understanding or data about your market or audience.

What objections do they bring into the ‘conversations’?

What solutions are they looking for?

How do THEY describe what they need or want?

Answering these with clarity will have you fast on your way to ever-increasing conversion rates.

Now the second area we want to focus our attention on is ‘attention’ itself.

The average attention span of an online visitor is just under 5 seconds. My 3 ½ year old does a better job than that. 🙂

It blows my mind how many ‘dis-tractions’ I find on pages that are supposed to be trying to capture my attention.

Listen, folks if the goal of your landing page is to capture my email address then why are you telling me about your newest blog article?

Why is your ‘Twitter feed’ the most prominent thing I see when I land on your page?


You’re killing your conversions by giving people a ton of reasons to become distracted (which they’re already pre-disposed to…)

Save your latest ‘Tweets’ for another non-competing area of your site.

High quality, targeted traffic is hard enough to get. Why make it easier for them to leave or get distracted?

The easiest and fastest way for you to fix this is to look at your pages through the eyes of a busy, skeptical visitor. Is there anything that ‘could’ distract away from the one, single goal you have for this page?

If so, remove it!

That simple.

Send that ‘Twitter Feed Box’ packing, homey! 🙂

So next up on this ‘clarity roundup’ is your ‘call to action’ or CTA.

The biggest mistake you can make is by being vague on your CTAs. People want to know exactly what is going to happen next. If you’re asking for an email address in exchange for your free report then say that… “Click Here To Download Your Free Report”

If you leave folks to just guess then guess what? They’re high tailing outta there with the quickness.

When it comes to your CTAs make them standout.

Choose a complementary color that makes the button clearly stand out from the rest of the copy.

The example below is a perfect example of what NOT to do.

The button below ‘Get My Ticket’ blends right in with the copy and even when I hover it doesn’t change or highlight or anything.


The ‘Get My Ticket’ is the most important element on this page yet it gets buried, hidden and easily over looked.

And that equals…

Yup, you guessed it. LESS CONVERSIONS.

So I think the case is pretty CLEAR… Clarity rules when it comes to conversion.

If you’re working on a landing page or would just like to increase conversions to one of your existing pages Robin and I have a great FREE resource, “Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Creating High Converting Landing Pages” you can snag it up below.

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