Football and business.

Robin and I watch this cool show called ‘A Football Life’.   (stay with me here ladies. There’s tons of value even if you hate football 🙂 )   The show takes you behind the scenes and beyond the playing field of some of the top and most legendary football players of all time.   What makes this show so great is that it really isn’t about football.

The show focuses on life lessons.   Sometimes you’ll cry.   Sometimes you’ll laugh.   But you’ll always walk away with something valuable and inspirational.   We recently watched an episode that spoke a valuable business lesson.   This particular episode was about Michael Strahan (former New York Giants Defensive Linemen)…  Being a diehard Giants fan myself I was little privy to this one. 🙂  I just a little bit of a ‘fanatic’ 😉

Michael Strahan is most famous for holding the NFL record for most sacks in a single season.  For those of you who don’t know what a sack is…  It is when a defensive player takes the quarterback down for a loss of yards.

You see what makes his story so interesting and so entrepreneurial is that he had one single goal throughout his career.  One single focus.  From early on his goal wasn’t to make it to the Super Bowl…  Or even make it to the football-businessNFL.  His one goal was to get sacks.  Period.  He wanted to be the best at getting sacks.  That’s it.  That one single focus led to him becoming the best all-time and in the process the dude also won a Super Bowl.

You see focusing on that one immediate goal changed everything for him.  That single focus produced tremendous results.

The same is true in business.

Robin and I are huge advocates (and guide our clients) to be focused on one goal.  Single focus.  NOT sporadically ‘trying’ this or ‘trying’ that…
…but focusing on the immediate need and fastest path to revenue…

So how about you?

Are you single focused?

Moving toward one immediate goal or are you more scattered?

Chasing the latest ‘fads’, shiny objects and social blah, blahs :)…  Not the best place to be, right?  I feel ya’

So here’s the deal… for those of you who are tired of chasing, burned out and ready to put systems and strategies in place to explode your biz growth.

Robin and I would love to chat with you and explore how we can help you…

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