What’s all the fuss about Twitter marketing?

You’ve seen Twitter marketing everywhere.  It is on the news, on TV shows, celebrities and athletes are speaking to their fans on Twitter and new people are flooding on to the massive social network every day.  It’s a powerful social media tool, no doubt.  But why should you care, right?

Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve felt the major shift in today’s business environment.  Gone are the days of fake, cold and pushy marketing messages.  It’s all about being real, getting personal and connecting.   And for those big-dreaming entrepreneurs ready to make a huge impact on the world (and your wallet), it’s pretty much impossible to gain leverage without collaboration.

But what the heck does that shift have to do with Twitter Marketing?  Anyone who actually does Twitter marketing on a regular basis will tell you that the power of the tool is not so much in its content, but in its ability to connect you to other people.

Twitter marketing essentials system

Connections rule supreme.

Twitter marketing = connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Let’s face it, Twitter gets you seen.  Getting seen leads to more traffic, more credibility, more trust and more money.  This increased visibility gives you amazing opportunities to get your name in front of the press, industry experts, potential clients and possible JV partners.  These are all connections that you wouldn’t be able to get without spamming the heck out of them, cold calling and appearing pushy & self-promoting.

Twitter marketing blue bird with Marketing Your Purpose hatOh yeah!  The visibility factor is through the roof,
but the Twitter marketing benefits don’t stop there.

  • Get great insight when you ask questions
  • Get a flood of inbound traffic to your website
  • Spread your message to new people and places
  • Connect with hundreds of people you otherwise couldn’t
  • Build strong brand awareness and recognition
  • Twitter conversations lead to personal conversations

The sooner you embrace Twitter marketing for your business, the sooner you’ll open the big ‘ole doors to new relationships and new money making opportunities.

How much would your business grow if you were able to continually monitor the pulse of your ideal clients?  And how much would your wallet grow if you were able to respond with a specific invitation to your offering that meets their needs at the precise moment the demand arises?

Imagine being able to hear from a potential customer with a real problem, connect with them in real time and offer a solution to their problem.

If you’re still not convinced, consider
some of these statistics:

  • Twitter has over 150 Million registered users
  • Twitter receives over 180 Million unique visitors a month
  • Over 300,000 new users join Twitter every day
  • Over 600 Million searches are sent to Twitter each day
  • Of those 600 Million searches, many people are  looking for solutions to problems

Anyone who thinks new technology isn't going to keep changing the world has got their head in the sand.  Embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it's a vital way to communicate, keep your ear to the ground and improve your business.  Social media allows me to hear what people are saying on a daily level — the good, the bad and everything in between.  It's important to take the time to listen.

Richard Branson | Billionaire Entrepreneur, Source: LinkedIn.com Self-Published Article

Gone are the days of pushy and pre-canned sales messages.

Twitter marketing bluebird with ipadSavvy and conscious entrepreneurs are seeing this shift away from stuffy sales to genuine conversations, and this is where Twitter marketing becomes a monumental game changer for growing businesses.

Every day potential clients and customers are telling us what they want, why they want it and how they want it, but many entrepreneurs haven’t been listening.  They haven’t been able to listen because “listening” hasn’t been part of the “marketing campaign”.

Twitter marketing is about the power of global conversation that gives your business a serious competitive edge.

Twitter marketing bluebird flyingLook at these global conversations on Twitter like you would look at attending a bunch of networking events or mastermind groups. You don’t expect to find your dream client at every networking event you attend, but over time you expect the network to pay off in indirect ways (like referrals from people you met months ago).  Twitter is a lot like a gigantic party mixer. Just check in every day and get in the mix a little bit.  Over time, you’ll have met tons of people and become a regular ever-present voice in their world.  You’ll get lots of direct connections and many more indirect ones.

For the Business or Life Coach, Twitter is much more than a marketing tool.

It’s actually a way to coach – 140 characters at a time.

Business and life coaches actually get to help people think differently, empower folks, inspire people, help people release blocks and all kinds of good stuff just through Twitter conversations.  And better yet, when people are ready to buy, they’re like ‘I know just who to get’.   You’re already there, you’ve been in front of them.  Folks have gotten to know you on a deeper level and it’s easy for them to make the leap to work with you.

woman entrepreneur coach changing the world

We totally get it.  You and your business have a big purpose and passion, and you’re still probably thinking…

  • Is this Twitter marketing going to be a complete waste of my valuable time?
  • I care more about making an impact in the world and changing lives than I care about ‘getting online fame’
  • Twitter would just distract me away from doing things that really matter to help people
  • I don’t think it’s right for me and I don’t have time to mess with it

These are huge misconceptions that are blocking you from really breaking through to living out your full potential in life and business.

The real issue is that you don’t have time to NOT start Twitter marketing.

The real issue is that the more people you can get your message in front of, the greater impact you will have towards change.

The real issue is that if you care about helping people, you’d take advantage of faster and easier ways to tell your story to the loads of people who are looking for answers.

Doing so is easier than you might think.

You’re literally only one click away from discovering how to use the power of Twitter marketing yourself.


twitter marketing essentials media training

This is an electronic course that gives you everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get your business up and running, and being active with Twitter marketing.  It’s easy to follow, even if you have little to no techy abilities.  The Twitter Essentials Success System will walk you through everything from basic setup to advanced customization and automation.

We know your time is more valuable than anything. So we’ve put together a training framework that will minimize your time investment, maximize your results and get Twitter marketing fully integrated into your overall business strategy now!


Marketing Your Purpose twitter step-by-step how to manual

It’s your step-by-step playbook that finally frees you from watching everyone else’s online success from the sidelines.

It actually guides you through every step to using Twitter so you’re not left behind.

Here are some of the powerful lessons you’ll learn in the Twitter Essentials Success System:

  • How to create an account that gets noticed and maximizes lead generation
  • A short and painless process that gets you tweeting within minutes
  • Some simple tools that will make Tweeting fun
  • What to Tweet – Content Strategy
  • Strategies for building an ‘authority brand’ – what not to tweet
  • How to find key influencers to follow
  • How to get these influencers to follow you back and network with them
  • Using Twitter to find potential prospects who need what you’ve got today
  • How to send Tweets that get noticed and engage new conversation
  • Setting up custom searches so you know when, where and who has been talking about problems that your business can solve
  • How to enhance your Twitter experience and save time with automation

 Then we’ll pull it all together for you with a great wrap up, walking you through the steps to determine:

  • Why you’re on Twitter and what your strategy should look like
  • How to save time and generate hundreds of tweets from your own content
  • What your typical daily Twitter foundation should look like
  • Best practices, and then some!

I am so delighted I decided to work with Marketing Your Purpose to help me expand the reach of my business through social media channels.  The results have been incredible! In less than 2 months, my Twitter following increased by over 77%. I highly recommend!

Carolyn Ellis, www.BrillianceMastery.com

Your Electronic Twitter Marketing System includes:

The Success Guide

Twitter Marketing Essentials success guideA 75-page PDF guide that breaks down the entire Twitter marketing education into 6 manageable chunks.  Each Lesson contains steps and checklist that you can easily print out and follow one by one, checking off each step as you go.

21 High Quality Screencast Videos

Twitter Marketing Essentials Video TrainingThese 21 videos were all recorded live using a new Twitter account and are broken into 5 Lessons (to go along with the guide) and each folder is numbered so the entire course can be studied in a specific sequence.

This system empowers you to not only feel the possibility of your profitable business…

But to take simple, easy actions that make it a reality.

Your training helped us develop a clear strategy and increase our social media presence. We really were totally in the dark when it comes to online and social media marketing but when we took action on your easy-to-implement lessons, we increased our Twitter followers from just 5 to over 1000 and also helped our site rank higher in search results. All I can say is thanks man! We really had no idea how to market our business online or even how to approach social media but your strategies, training and help have allowed us to create and effective online presence!

Jeremy Bensen, Entrepreneur | www.TransConcreteDesigns.com

Excited?!  Yeah, we figured you would be.

So here’s exactly what your digital download includes:

Blue funny Twitter Birds collection. Vector icons

Lesson 1


Account Setup

Profile Setup

Custom Background

Twitter Clients


Blue funny Twitter Birds collection. Vector icons

Lesson 2


Following Others

Following via Blogs

Following with Keywords

Following Twittergrader

Following List

Getting Followers

Unfollowing Others


Blue funny Twitter Birds collection. Vector icons

Lesson 3


Tweeting Basics

What to Tweet


Blue funny Twitter Birds collection. Vector icons

Lesson 4


Search Basics

Trending Topics

What to Search For

Search Feeds


Blue funny Twitter Birds collection. Vector icons

Lesson 5


Power Twitter

Scheduling Tweets

New Followers

RSS Feeds to Twitter


As you can see, there are a lot of “essentials” involved.  This training course teaches you the basic foundations that you need to fully understand and master before you can even think about getting fancy.  Trying to implement more advanced Twitter marketing strategies without a firm grasp on the basics is not recommended.

If you were to train with us privately, it would be $497 for just one hour, so as you can see all this training is worth well over $2500 —

The Twitter Essentials Success System is already an amazing value at only $147 —

But we’ve got a special bonus to give you a little extra oomph.

Twitter marketing essentials tooklit bonus

Bonus Twitter Toolkit

We’ve put together a Comprehensive list of the most powerful tools and support applications available to you that you can use to get the most of your Twitter experience. (a $39 value – free!)

Twitter marketing bonus

What are you waiting on?

Grab your instant download now for only $147!

twitter marketing essentials media training


We dare you to be the coach or entrepreneur who adds the greatest value in your industry by sharing your transformational message with the most people possible!

We’re looking forward to hearing all your Twitter success stories of expanding your reach and creating the life you deserve because you cared enough to tell your story to some people looking for answers.


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