Who Does Your Website Speak To?

improve-your-website-salesHave you ever asked yourself that question?  Have you ever gone to your website and looked at it through the eyes of a potential visitor?  I think you’d be amazed to learn that this is a question that most entrepreneurs never even thought of.  I mean you hired a “web guy” who knows this stuff, right?  A very big WRONG!  Most web designers are just that; designers NOT online marketers. 

And now you’ve spend hundreds or more often thousands of dollars on a website and yet it hasn’t even made back what you spent on it several months or even years later.  Why?

You see a web designer may have an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing and what may “look” good but building a website with the sole purpose of converting visitors into customers is a whole different thing. 

Do you know what your target market is looking for?  Why they would want to do business with you?  Do you know what moves them and motivates them?  The answers to these questions are tantamount to having a website that works for and not against your brand and business.

We just recently launched a completely redesigned website earlier this year.  The planning and development phase was completely centered on the answers to these questions.  Everything we designed, built and created had one purpose in mind; communicating our message as clear as possible in a way that would resonate with and inspire our target audience. 

Along with speaking very clearly to our target audience we also wanted to repel those who were not our ideal audience.  Yup, you read it right.  We actually want to REPEL certain people who aren’t our ideal audience.  And actually this may be one of the most important elements in a website that converts and even more in an online marketing campaign that gets real results.

I wanted to share three of the most important elements to consider when building or redesigning your website.

1.     Message

A recent study of the most effective websites revealed that those websites that were the most effective were those that had a very clear message that spoke right to the heart of their audience.  What this means for entrepreneurs is that understanding who your target market is and what they are looking for as well as who they are NOT is the foundation for a website that converts into leads and customers.

2.     Navigation

This is one of the most easily overlooked elements of a successful website.  My experience with entrepreneurs is that many tend to think that how they maneuver and navigate is how everyone else will navigate their website.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I have seen.  Every web visitor is drawn by and attracted to different elements of your website.  An effective and successful website strategy recognizes this and responds with a layout and navigation flow pattern that allows visitors to easily find what they are looking while providing an easy to use interface.  Simply put; give your visitors various options and more than one way to get where you want them to go.

3.     Calls-to-Action

This is the most important piece of an effective website and yet I find it one of the most ignored and overlooked pieces.  It seems funny to say because it’s so obvious but if you want your visitor to call you then tell them!  If you want them to download your free eBook, tell them!  A quality call-to-action is just that; a “call” to “action”.  You want that visitor to act, right?  Well don’t be afraid to tell them how and why?  Instead of just “click here” try “download our juicy freebie now”.  Mix it up!  Be clear!  And watch your signups and conversion explode like never before.

Sometimes building a website and developing a strategy that works for YOUR business can be daunting, trust me I know.  I spent more than 4 months developing and tweaking my own business website but isn’t the reason we build a site so that it will attract our ideal market, generate leads and bring profit to our businesses?

If you’re looking for help developing a poignant web strategy that speaks to the heart of your audience, generates leads and turns visitors into paying customers over and over then we need to chat.  We can help!  Click below to access our online calendar and pick a time that works best for you.  Looking forward to chatting!

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