email-marketing-cash-injectionEmail marketing… Does it work? Are people still using this effectively? Maybe you’ve thought these same things and I can tell you, as I have in the past so often, that YES email marketing not only works but it is one of the most effective and powerful tools in your ‘marketing arsenal’.

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So what I want to show you in this blog is the {EASIEST FORMULA for making money with email marketing} … but first I want to tell you some stories… because stories are FUN!
We all love stories. They help us relate but more importantly they help us UNDERSTAND… and really I want to share a few ‘case study’ type stories below so you can see for yourself and know that it works (and not only for a select few)
So how much money can you expect to make from your email list? Well I’d tell you that it all depends on a few factors (listed below)

How skilled you are at structuring a compelling offer (or if you’ve got help doing so)
✔ The size of your list (you make money with ANY size list – but the bigger list – the more money)
✔ How well you know the needs & struggles of the people on your list
✔ Whether you have QUALITY things to offer (or have good connections to folks who do)
✔ How skilled you are at copy writing and presenting your offer
✔ How disciplined you are to keep your emails to ONE FOCUS ONLY with ONE CTA ONLY
✔ Your ‘authority status’ is not vital to get a sale – but it will definitely make them multiply
✔ Etc.

So I can tell you that we’ve seen our clients left and right get what we call ‘cash injections’ from their email list (with a little prodding and pushing from us)… but then once they see how EASY it truly is, they are hooked! And let me tell you that I do not use the word ‘easy’ lightly… I know it can be overused and even abused in this world… But sending an email to your list and collecting money really can’t get much simpler (if you know how to do it right).

I’m just going to tell you about a few stories from real people… but real quick I want to add in something I read in Jeff Walker’s book, ‘Launch’ (if you don’t know who he is I can simply say that he is like the Godfather of modern internet marketing 🙂 )… So in his book he said this (slight paraphrased for brevity)*;

“A few years ago at school function chatted with the mother of one my son’s classmates. The topic of ‘college’ was hot topic considering the kids were in the 5th grade and the tuition bill is broadly discussed. Since one parent knew I had an interest in the financial markets she asked what my tuition savings plan was. This is what I said:

I don’t have any college savings plan at all, because I’ve got a list.”

Jeff goes on to explain how befuddled the lady was (which he expected) and that having a list of prospects and customers practically gave him a ‘license to print money’ at will.

Powerful, right?

Well how can this help you?

Great question.

Before I go into the formula here I want to share some ‘case studies’, if you will, so you can see how regular folks and entrepreneurs are doing this and how well it is working.

One client had a list about the size of 4,000 subscribers… never made a dime off from the list… pretty much useless… sucking time and energy from her to constantly ‘send them content’. We helped her structure a compelling offer… She sent a total of 7 emails over a 3-day span (WHAT?! Oh yes, you heard that right… 7 emails over 3-day span) and she raked in $4,296 in 3 days! Just for sending some emails. (unsubscribes were less than 1% of her list)

Same client… fast forward ONE MONTH LATER… did another offer. (Yes, you read that right… pretty ballsy stuff to make an offer to your list again after just doing it last month? You think ballsy… I think SMART ) Second offer cashed in $2,574. Just for sending some emails.

So that was a total of $6,870 {extra money} for writing a few emails and scheduling them to go out.

Another client had a much smaller list of only about 450 people. We helped her structure the compelling offer, create a 3-day sale and write some emails. She sent 6 emails over a 4-day span (yep, that many) and she very easily made $630. (Had 12 unsubscribes – big whoop!)

She sent me a FB private message “I can’t believe how easy that was!” And even more so, “I can’t believe I’ve just been leaving this money on the table all this time!”

Then of course, I’m sure you’ve heard of our client who had about 7,500 people on her list… she had a longer campaign she was doing… so she sent 17 emails over a 14-day span… and she cashed in $47,000!!!!

So the point is… There is NO WAY that you can do this ’email marketing thing’ RIGHT… and NOT get results…

So you want the formula? Here it is…

Kp + Ks + Os + L = $$$ (then rinse + repeat)

That stands for…

Know people + Know stuff + Offer stuff + Limitation = $$$$$

Easy as that. Know the people on your list and what they need/want (have a target market)… know stuff (be a REAL expert that earns respect)… Offer stuff (just make an offer)… and make it have a limitation (a deadline, so they need to either say yes or no within a certain amount of time – and stick to it – mean what you say)… and voila!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter the size of your list… Some of you might think that your list is ‘too small’ but you can (and should) be making money with it from the VERY BEGINNING. Get those people used to the fact that you’ve got GOOD STUFF they’re going to want to check out.

And here’s a REAL KICKER… you don’t even have to have your own product to sell. If you don’t have anything to offer … if you know your people well enough… you can offer them someone else’s product and make a commission. We just sent out an email a while back for our friend’s WP plugin and made a nice little chunk-o-change and it wasn’t even our product. You see?

(warning on the above-mentioned method: I would only do that if you are ALREADY ESTABLISHED as an authority with your crowd and they trust you, value your recommendations, etc… AND ALSO if you have first-hand knowledge of the product you’re recommending, and you know it rocks, and you’re not just ‘pushing anything for a buck’ )

So anyways, there you have it…

Kp + Ks + Os + L = $$$ (then rinse + repeat)

And if you’re really digging this idea and want to kick up your game a notch Robin and I designed an ‘all-out’ in-depth email marketing training complete with templates, copy examples, swipe files, email structure etc. so you can ‘fast track’ your way to success… You can check that out here >>

*excerpt taken from ‘Launch’ pg. 30

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