Here’s a cool story about how Robin and I built a fan page with over 10,000 raving fans in less than 15 daysfacebook-fans-tips

One evening Robin and I are just chilling out on the couch watching our normal evening of shows and chit-chatting…

Usually this chit-chatter leads into something about marketing (we can’t help it, we breathe this stuff)…

Either a commercial pops on that is genius or we hear something that strikes a chord and…

…BAM! We’re off to the races.

Well on this particular evening something stuck out to the both of us, at the very same time.

What we had encountered could very well be a multiple 6 figure idea in and of itself.

Here’s why.

What we had just encountered was not only hyper-niched but we could very easily see how we could bring in our ‘Fabulocity’ and create raving fans extremely quickly.

And because we know first hand that ‘money is attracted to speed’

First this that next morning, we hopped right to it.

Graphics designed.

Page up.

Ads on.

And within minutes we were seeing the idea come to life.

Why was it so easy?

One simple reason.

We had found a perfect ‘message to market match’.

The market was not only resonating with the message but they were fanatically attracted to it.


And because of this we were able to attract thousands of raving fans in just a few days.

So how ‘bout you?

Have you found that ‘message to market match’ yet?

Let me tell ya’ once you nail this it’s off to the races ya’ll.

Now if you’re still struggling to get this and have been floundering around with whimsical and unpredictable results…

…Stop the madness.

Robin and I can analyze your message, market, offer, funnel and entire biz model and show you exactly what to do to improve…

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