We’ve all been in a restaurant or at the store and seen those people with their faces buried in their phones, right?  What are they looking at?  Who are they searching for?  What products are they buying?  While I’m a big proponent of NOT being glued to my phone or wireless device the fact still remains that a large percentage of our target audience IS, and if we want to reach them in one of the places where they spend a very large portion of their “attentive” time then we MUST get savvy with effective mobile marketing strategies.

mobile-social-media-marketingMobile Social Media Usage Continues to Soar

Mobile Internet users are set to overtake wired Internet users by 2015 in the U.S., but this shift is happening far faster on social platforms.  If we look at web users, over 54 percent of users spend 6 days of the week on Facebook. Following these developments, the ability of brands to reach mobile users directly will become of great value.  These facts now make developing viable advertising options for mobile platforms more critical than ever. Finding ways to squeeze ads onto teeny mobile devices has been quite a pain in the booty so far for most folks.

Facebook and Twitter are currently scrambling to figure out how to get ads to display on mobile devices in a way that doesn’t look funky or crunched.  While both Facebook and Twitter have seen success with “promoted posts” the networks are still looking for ways to reach mobile users with ads.

What does this mean for the future of social media?

Networks that make engagement on the go easy–especially visual platforms like Instagram–are at a tremendous advantage.  This also leads us to conclude that businesses and entrepreneurs that embrace the growing mobile trend and respond with mobile friendly websites, visually engaging social media content and “real-time” mobile strategies will see tremendous growth opportunity.

So what do business owners and entrepreneurs do?

The answer is simple.  Be creative, fun and social.  If that scares you as a business owner, it’s OK, you’re not alone. 

You know we’re all about taking action and implementing strategies that will actually MAKE YOU MORE MONEY each month so here a few things you can do to engage your community via mobile and visual platforms:

1.       Show off what your products or services can do:

Use images of your product or images of customers enjoying your service.  These are fun and communicate very well with your audience.

2.       Use images of your office or workspace:

Post photos that provide a glimpse of a-day-in-the-life at your office.  People love this and it allows them to connect on a more real and personal level.

3.       Build anticipation with “sneak peeks”

Things never seen before make for interesting and shareable content.  If you’re going to run a holiday special use that as an opportunity to build anticipation and engage your audience.  People love to be the first to know or share a “sneak peek” with friends and followers. 

Don’t IGNORE the Trend!

We always say that “info without the RIGHT action is useless” so as we witness the rise of mobile use coupled with an explosion of social media use businesses and entrepreneurs who take advantage of these trends with fresh strategies and creative approaches will be those who reap the benefits of this sweeping “mobile – social” age!

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