While connecting and engaging on LinkedIn today I ran across a very interesting question that got the gears turning;

“How do we find that first client/contract? What is the best method to approach companies in order to sell our expertise in BI consulting? Cold calling, networking, advertising in IT presses?”

How many businesses are starting up and getting into the marketplace today without really knowing how to get and keep new customers? I shared just a few poignant insights below:

Connection, Connection, Connection!!

First and foremost people and businesses do business with people they know, like and trust!! Developing this rapport and relationship should be first and foremost; the business will easily follow. Platforms like Linkedin and Facebook will give you a digital medium to engage and connect while using face to face networking to develop closer connections.

Develop a website that provides value and addresses your target market’s questions, concerns and resistances. Avoid tons of sales fluff and pointless verbiage while focusing on the real needs and problems of your audience. Give your audience a reason to come back to you and to tell others about what you do!!

Give, Give, Give!!

Find a niche topic you can begin to position yourself as an expert on. Using this niche begin to develop content and material you can give away in exchange for an email address or opt-in. Focusing on giving and providing value is a great way for people to remember you and forward your information to those they may know who would need your services!!

Above all be customer centric!! Why would they need you, what will you solve in their business lives and how will you make them more profitable? Using these questions as a perspective guide for your target audience will definitely help position your business as a resource instead of just a vendor!! Customers turn to those they consider “resources” much faster than they do just “vendors”.

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