5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs

As busy entrepreneurs we all the one commodity we seem to lack the most; TIME, right? Well learning to make the most of each minute and hour you spend is highly pivotal to increasing profitability and being more productive. Below are just a few tips I have found to be extremely helpful.

Most personal productivity issues arise from the same basic types of issues like distraction, inability to prioritize and plan, or in some cases, psychological barriers.

1. Mind mapping software

Mind mapping is one of the most versatile techniques for improving creativity and problem-solving skills. Mind maps can be used to plan projects, manage task flow, and brainstorm new ideas. One great piece of free mind mapping software is X-mind from Xmind.com

Some truly innovative mind mapping software services also double as knowledge management systems. The one I use is a free service from TheBrain.com (of course it’s known as “the brain).

2. Teleconferencing Tools

Virtual meetings with partners, assistants and vendors are a great way to save time, and get more stuff done. These tele-conferencing tools allow a lot of flexibility for collaboration and even for sales tele-seminars.

3. Google Apps

Of the tools mentioned here, the applications suite from the folks at Google may be the single most important set of tools to be found online. They included Gmail (for email), Google Docs (for online document sharing and project collaboration), as well as Google Sites (with which you can develop an intranet or website).

4. Backpack

Backpack is a very highly regarded tool from the guys at 37signals.com. It is designed to be a lightweight project management and task tracking solution. It features a very elegant and intuitive design for organizing and sharing your information, and they offer a 30 day free trial. The basic plan with 4 Gigabytes of allowed storage (and up to 6 users) is still quite affordable.

5. TadaList

This free solution is also from 37signals.com and allows you to create and share lists. As long as you stick to one solution and use it consistently, then a tool like Tadalist should be very effective.

Sometimes implementing all of these things and applying so many changes can be daunting.  Where do you start?  What do you start with?  How do you do all of this?

Because we know the world of online marketing can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming we’d love to chat and offer some help, advice and insights.  Go ahead and click here to set up a complimentary Discovery Session where we’ll dig in to learn all about what you’re offering to the world, what makes your ideal client tick, and determine what’s the best plan of action you can take towards online domination.  It may be the best move you make this year. 🙂

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