is-seo-deadSEO… SEM… and whatever other anagram you want to use… You know the industry with a million ‘Gurus’ promising you the ever coveted ‘Number 1 ranking’ on Google (but very rarely deliver). And ya know for years Robin and I looked at this ‘service’, heard from clients who wondered why folks ever bought into it.  I also find that the one question very few businesses answer, in their hot pursuit of #1 rankings, is “What are you going to do once you get there?

At best these businesses who paid their way to top found themselves just increasing their bounce rate because people who were searching and then found their particular site weren’t looking for ‘good SEO’ tactics but rather they were looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.  And sadly enough so little focus is placed on actually answering questions and providing value and all too much of the focus going on ‘tactics’.

Here is an example I recently found that focused solely on ‘tactics’ (and even worse is this site and hundreds others I find daily are riddled with this stuff).  The article was about 500 words (another ‘seo’ tactic) and then there is this link at the bottom that doesn’t even read well.  Who would say ‘Melbourne Fl Social Media Marketing” in a real conversation.  Only those who just want to game the system and ‘link’ to some keyword. Tactics.  That’s all it is and Google is very, very hip to the game.


Ahhh… a little provocative, eh? Makes you think a bit… but really that point runs right to the root of what I want to talk about here. And that is, ‘Is SEO dead’?

Before we go any further we first have to understand Google. What their goals are and why they exist.

From day one Google has had one goal and one goal alone; to deliver the best and most relevant content to searchers using their engine. They have always sought to do this irregardless of how much someone has tried to pay for top rankings or ‘game’ their system. They have sought to stay true to that one goal throughout and I would have to say they have done a very, very good job at it.

Several months ago Google announced that they would no longer make ‘keyword’ data available. This shows their continued desire to stay focused on their one main goal; pleasing the searchers. Now don’t get me wrong there are a few ‘SEO Principles’ that are just good for your website and its maintenance, i.e. quality content, organization, good meta descriptions but the days of ‘inbound links’, keyword stuffing, and all of the other snake oil potions are long gone.

The problem that SEO has always posed is that websites and businesses are looking for a way to ‘show up’ without really ‘showing up’. The searcher may click on your #1 ranking link but get frustrated that your site doesn’t help them at all (reason in point why Google is stamping this out). Simply applying a few principles and paying some so-called guru to get your site to the top isn’t really going to help your business much if you aren’t FIRST and foremost solving problems and providing value.

99 Problems But ‘Search’ Ain’t One…

‘Search’ isn’t a problem because our focus has always been on providing value every chance we get, delivering content that solves problems, makes people’s lives better and their businesses better off. That’s it. It’s not about secret formulas to ‘game the system’ but rather it’s about serving people (in this case searchers). And Google is cracking down on this more and more. Before too long SEO will be a thing of the past, buried and forgotten with the other failed (and useless) marketing tactics.

If you’ve been buying into the ‘SEO’ hype and chasing the ‘Google’ dragon (page 1 rankings) it’s time to reshift your focus back onto what really matters; SERVING YOUR AUDIENCE!

Way beyond ‘SEO’ tactics you should definitely be DRIVING traffic to your site and offers… purposefully and intentionally DRIVING traffic everyday… You can’t just ‘hope’ they will find it/you (we’re not building a field of dreams here folks 🙂 ) you MUST be intentional.  No way around it.  If you haven’t seen our ‘List Building Machine‘ program you should definitely check it out.  We show you to automate your list building, intentionally drive traffic and all the cool psychological stuff that makes your ads and landing pages convert like mad… Check it out << here >>

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