Whether you call it your ‘about us’ page your ‘about’ page or ‘meet the team’ (everyone has a different name), this can be one of the most important pages on your website.  Yes, important.  Really important!

Visitors to your website tend to head over there almost immediately after coming into contact with your home page or your blog because, well, people are nosy. 🙂  That inner compulsion to learn some ‘insider’ info about these folks drives the visitor to take a peek, if you will. 

So what are you doing to make this area of your site a ‘conversion-friendly’ hub?

Listen, if you’re ‘about’ page is a little less than perfect, take a deep breath and calm down.  We’re gonna help you out with some great things you can do today to change all that.

Your ‘About Us’ Really Needs To Be ‘About THEM’

The first thing to focus on here is that although you may call it your ‘about us’ page it really needs to be an ‘about them’ page.  People are always tuned into WIIFM (what’s in it for them) so if you’re about page is all about you then chances are they bounce right out of there.

Your story ONLY matters when it can help your prospect move from where they are currently to where they want to be (where you are now)…

If you position the story in a way where you look special, extra gifted or talented then you create the idea that your results or experiences are only for the select few and therefore NOT really attainable for the “average” person.

This is the exact place where most stumble. They paint THEMSELVES as the rockstar instead of becoming the bridge.

The audience wants a bridge! And they want to see that the gap to be bridged isn’t really THAT wide anyways. Remember your audience is the ROCKSTAR… Not you! And that YOU are the bridge for them.

Break Up The Copy

Along with this you want to make sure that you are breaking up the copy on the page into smaller, bite-sized chunks.  No one wants to read a big ‘text wall’ or try devouring an online book.

Use bullet points to highlight key points and integrate lots of sub-headline’s into your text to keep the reader moving down the page.  We always like to say that the ONLY purpose of a sentence or headline is to get the reader to read the next one.

When writing your copy look for ways where you can infuse your personality and create intrigue that would compel the reader to want more.  Remember your goal here is for them to continue reading all the way to the end where you will…

Have A Clear Call To Action

With every set of eyeballs that lands on one of your pages, you are given an opportunity to move the visitor further along and move them through your sales funnel. Your ‘about page’ is no different.  This is actually a great place to introduce the visitor to your freebie, lead magnet, survey or something else of value that compliments what you’ve been sharing.

After giving visitors a multitude of reasons to believe in your company’s abilities to provide them value (and you definitely should have been doing right from the beginning of your about page), take them by the hand and make it painfully obvious what to do next.

Never assume that the visitor will just ‘know’ what to do or how to do it.  Spell it out for them and make it clear.

Wrapping It Up

Remember that each of these tips are just that; tips. Every landing page, website and business is different. What works for one may not work for another. That’s why Robin and I are HUGE proponents of testing.  So test, tweak, test again and then right when you think you nailed it… test it again.

Are you ready to transform your ‘about page’ into a conversion hub?

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