Most Sunday afternoons I like to chill out and spend some time reading business books.

Gots to keep the wheels a turnin’ and the iron sharpened, right?

Marketing-From-Theory-to-Practice1I almost always walk away with nuggets of wisdom that I immediately implement in my biz.

Well a few Sundays ago I was in the middle of my page when it hit me…

It was like wisdom from the heavens. I hopped up. Ran to my computer and started whittling away at my keyboard.

(Picture rabid squirrel meets acorn after 40 day fast… yeah it was intense)

Now before I get into all the deets I just want to let you know that if you’ve ever ‘launched’ a product or program and had weak (or even no) results…

It’s ok.

It actually happens to even the best of the best (they probably won’t tell you that).

Or… If you’ve poured in hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars into Facebook ads but had a lousy (or mediocre) return…

Its ok ya’ll.

The problem is NOT with you at all.

The problem is NOT with your product or program (unless, of course, it genuinely sucks 🙂 )  The problem is that you have been viewing ‘marketing’ from the wrong place.

And this is what I wanted to share with you.  Robin and I live by a saying in our business.

This saying runs to the very core of all we do (and teach our clients).

We firmly believe that, “ALL marketing is theory until it touches real people”.

And that is why you absolutely MUST ‘Try it. Test it. And then tweak it.

When working with clients we always start out small.

Gauge response.  Prove the message to market match FIRST.  THEN we scale.

Not only will it save hours upon hours of time it also saves lots and lots of money.  Along with that it also helps to build confidence.  Because we also know that confidence is just as (if not more) important than tangible results.

But what if you don’t know ‘what’ to try or what to test or even where to tweak?

What if you tried before but things didn’t go so well?

What you need is someone who has been there and knows EXACTLY where to focus, what to test, what to try and where to tweak for max results.  Robin and I have opened up just a few slots for folks who are serious and committed to getting things dialed in and producing mega results.  If you think that’s you just click below and pick a day/time to chat with us and see if we’re a good fit.

P.S. These calls are designed to explore if we are a good fit to help you explode your business growth and create leverage in your biz. If you’re not serious or ready to invest in your business than this may not be for you.

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