5 Reasons Great Coaches Go Broke: Discover Why So Many Online Coaches With Great Ideas Go Broke… And How You Can Avoid The Same Traps

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If you’re an online coach or mentor who is STRUGGLING to grow and scale your business, you’re definitely not alone. Trust me… Over the years, Mike and I have seen a lot of the same struggles going on with coaches in all kinds of niches. These mistakes, hurdles, and traps bring even the greatest coaches to the brink of bankruptcy, and I don’t want to see that happen to you… You have an important message, talents, and unique gifts the world needs (plus, we want to see you make craploads of money and live more awesome)… So today, I’d like to […]

How To Stop Trading Your Time For Money

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If you’re anything like us, you started your own business with dreams of making insane amounts of money, never being tied down to the local, unpredictable economy, and never having to answer to “the man” again. You probably had dreams your days would go like this… You’d wake up whenever you wanted and never have to set an alarm clock because you live life on your own terms… You’d have the time and financial freedom to take a vacation whenever you wanted and travel to exotic destinations… You’d be able to finally earn an income doing what you love… without […]

Mike Pisciotta Online Marketing Strategist – Interview on GSD Mode Podcast

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    Mike Pisciotta Online Marketing Strategist – Interview on GSD Mode Podcast Mike Pisciotta Online Marketing Strategist – Interview on GSD Mode Podcast

    Mike Pisciotta Online Marketing Strategist – Interview on GSD Mode Podcast

Mike Pisciotta Interviewed by Joshua Smith of GSD Mode Podcast. In this episode I share: Some of my personal story from #InmateToEntrepreneur and my overcomer’s journey from prison to being a successful entrepreneur How Robin and I got started with our business How we keep our focus together on our business continuing to level up and succeed And how we used our failure(s) to leverage freedom for ourselves BONUS:  I share the reason I feel entrepreneurs fail starting with their approach to online marketing, common mistakes people make with Facebook ads, and a glimpse at goal setting. Resources Mentioned: Mike & […]

How To Fix LeadPages Link Preview When Sharing URL On Facebook

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Have you ever shared a LeadPages URL link on Facebook, and the link preview is jacked up? It happens every day to you, me, and everyone else.  You go to share your LeadPages URL on Facebook and instead of seeing your pretty page you worked so hard on, you get problems like this: No image shows up when you share your LeadPages link An image, or several images DO show up… but not the one you want Or you just see some mumbo-jumbo and not a good page title or description There’s a simple fix to this LeadPages display problem.  […]

Content Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients

  • Content Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients Content Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients

    Content Marketing Tips To Attract More Clients

We get a lot of questions about content marketing… How do I write content for my email marketing? What particular thing should be in my content to increase engagement? What kind of content marketing makes money? Is there a difference? Or is all content equal? A lot of gurus out there reach the “just give” approach, and that advice is so generic and wide-sweeping that makes it hard to put into practice. “Just Be Giving” is not exactly an actionable tip to content marketing. What does “just give” look like? The truth is that most gurus give that fluffy advice […]

How To Stop Being a Sissy-Preneur (a little push to make your victory so much sweeter)

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I’m tired of seeing good people struggle in biz… so I’m going to get a little open and vulnerable about some recent experiences Sharing my story and little ‘metaphor’ might help you in your entrepreneurial struggles… and if so, then it’s well worth it for me to ‘bare all’ and tell you my embarrassing moments, haha 🙂 Mike & I have been speaking a lot at business events and doing video interviews lately.  There have been many videos and pictures taken.  With each picture or video I look at, my heart sinks as there is one thing starring me down… […]

8 Tips to Get Your Blogging Groove Back

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Have you fizzled out on blogging?  Bored and uninspired?   Don’t want to burst your bubble in the opening line, buuuuuut… Chances are that if you’re bored with blogging, then you’re boring the heck out of your readers too.  If you don’t feel passionate about what you’re blogging, then it’s a pretty safe bet that your articles aren’t very interesting.  If you’re just blogging for the sake of blogging and plopping out stale crap just because you’re supposed to, it’s not doing anyone a service (you or your readers).     So to help you get out of that funk, […]

A WILD TWIST on Permission-Based Marketing that Will Drastically Improve Your Biz

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term permission-based marketing and you know that the ‘normal’ definition of permission based marketing is “The practice of sending marketing communications only to recipients who have given their consent to receive them” … but today’s article isn’t going to be about something that boring, haha 🙂 I wanted to take that term and put a fun little twist on it to make it mean something much deeper, much more powerful, and to mean something so impactful that it could very well change the way you do business forever.  Curious?   I’ll start out the life-changing, […]

5 Startling Reasons Why ‘Free’ is the Most Expensive Way to Grow Your Business

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Free is quite a deceptive little sneaky one. Free entices us, lures us in, and makes us believe we’re getting more than we should be.  Free things get us so excited.  Free training and resources make us feel like we’ve got some kind of inside edge and we got away with something.  The psychology behind free stuff is quite interesting.  Getting something for nothing typically activates a human response that’s so much different than a normal business transaction — it just feels better. I think we’re just hardwired to love free stuff. We get a rush just thinking about the […]

The Quickest Way to Success (without losing your passion, joy & sanity)

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My husband Mike has an insane RC airplane and helicopter hobby. He’s got a whole fleet of aircraft. And let me tell you this adventure of building the fleet has been quite a frustrating and expensive hobby, sucking thousands of dollars out of our bank account.  Every single time we loaded the family up in the car to go to the park to fly, there was the excitement, the anticipation… and then the crash.  Each flight usually ended with a trip to the hobby store and a large purchase.  His very first airplane was only $100.  The first flight went […]

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