Why do you blog?

Seriously.  You might think that’s a dumb question but, do you know why you’re doing it?  Are you doing it because some experts told you that it’s the way to ‘get traffic’ and it’s just something you should be doing?  Some folks told you that ‘content marketing’ was the way to go, right?


Don’t even think about sending another person to your blog until you get clear on its purpose.

Blogging takes a lot of time, effort, energy and dedication (if you’re doing it right) so I want to make sure that you’re not putting in all that and not seeing the results that you should be seeing.


I don’t care what you’ve been told, your blog has 4 main jobs:

  • Content – You’ve got to give value, and lots of it.  The quickest way to piss people off and ensure they never do business with you, is to invite them to read your blog, and then give them nothing of any use.  Make sure you pour in your all and really seek to be a giver!
  • Credibility – Your blog should highlight your fabulousness.  This is your chance to give folks a taste-test and a sneak peek into your brain and your skills.  Folks should be able to walk away from reading your blog feeling like you are the cat’s meow and you know your stuff.
  • Visibility – Give folks stuff worth sharing.  Have awesome graphics that folks want to pin to Pinterest, cool infographics, stuff so good that people will want to share.  The more likes, shares and comments you get, the more visible you get… period.  Does your stuff naturally make someone WANT to do those things?
  • Conversion – Do you know your numbers?  Do you know how much daily traffic you’re getting?  Here’s the truth, if you’re not converting at least 3% of your daily traffic, you need to fix something fast.  For example, if you get 1,000 hits per day to your blog, you should be getting 30 new subscribers to your list per day

If you don’t know your numbers and don’t know how to figure it out, you need to talk to us.

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The ultimate goal of content marketing is conversion.

When it comes to content marketing – if you put all your focus & emphasis on the content … You’re only getting the “content” part of “content marketing” right.

Conversion should be the main goal of every website or blog.  Each individual business defines conversion in different ways (a sale, lead, email address, phone call, etc.) but for the sake of this article we’re focusing on what we personally find is the goldmine… the email address… building your list. 


9 Simple Ways to Get the Most out of Your Blog and Build Your List

  1. Have an Irresistible Free Offer. Please don’t expect folks to give you their email address just because they can subscribe to your newsletter free of charge. And saying that your newsletter has a “$97 value’ isn’t going to cut it either.  Pull out all the stops and give unique, valuable, premium info that’ll be oh so useful.
  2. Use Opt-In Forms. Put these jokers everywhere.  Have lots of ways to opt-in (survey, free gift, quiz, subscribe, etc.)  But don’t get obnoxious with your forms.  Put some thought into where you place them, they should be a natural extension to the content you’re giving.  They should be a helper to your visitor, not a nuisance.
  3. Make it easy. Although some big corporate folks like to ‘qualify’ people and ask tons of questions, it’s much easier to get subscribers if you don’t ask for too much.  Just the first name and email address should be enough for most entrepreneurs.
  4. Address privacy concerns on your form. Folks are worried they’ll get inundated with spam after giving their email address. Use text to show you respect their privacy and if possible, link it to a privacy policy page.
  5. Connect with like-minded folks for a fabulous collab. Actively seek out people that have a similar purpose and ideals, or where you find a synergy, and brainstorm ways that you all can regularly share each other’s blogs.  This way, both of you can build your lists faster.
  6. Boost Visibility. The more ways you give folks to share your stuff the better.  You can give exclusive bonuses as a way to encourage sharing, allow links on your comments, all kinds of stuff.  Get creative with this!
  7. Have landing pages. You want to have a landing page for each of your free offers, so that besides your opt-in forms on your blog, you can use text links in your content sending folks to your freebie.  Your landing page should have a powerful headline and a couple of the most important benefits that should make folks eager to grab.
  8. Show Social Proof.  Make sure you’ve got social share buttons to show off how many people like your stuff.  Always have your comments enabled.  And wherever it fits, include testimonials too.  Folks that are afraid to enable these because they’re embarrassed at the lack of engagement, will never get engagement.  Think about that. 
  9. Be Consistent. Create a schedule that you can realistically keep.  It’s much better to blog once per month and be dependable so folks know what they can expect from you, than to say you’re going to do it once a week and then flake out half of the time.  You’ll lose loyal readers if you’re flaky.

These are just a tiny few of the things you could be doing to grow your business with your blog.  There’s soooo much more to lead generation, and blogging is just the starting point.  So if you dig lead generation, list building and that kind of thing… and you want to learn more about it… we’ve got the MOTHER OF A TRAINING PROGRAM that teaches you 7 Power Plays to creating a rush of more leads, clients, cash & visibility online.  You might want to check it out  – Click here to learn about the Marketing Game-Changer Program.

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