Have you fizzled out on blogging?  Bored and uninspired?

blogging tips to cure boredom


Don’t want to burst your bubble in the opening line, buuuuuut… Chances are that if you’re bored with blogging, then you’re boring the heck out of your readers too. 

If you don’t feel passionate about what you’re blogging, then it’s a pretty safe bet that your articles aren’t very interesting. 

If you’re just blogging for the sake of blogging and plopping out stale crap just because you’re supposed to, it’s not doing anyone a service (you or your readers).


blogging tips to cure boredom


So to help you get out of that funk, we’ve got a few tips to spice it up and get you having fun with your blogging

The best way to give readers things they’d be interested in… is to write about stuff you’re interested in. 

And the best way to write blogs that keep them fascinated and entertained … is to keep yourself fascinated and entertained.  So we surely don’t want you getting bored with your blogging. 

When you’re having fun blogging… people can tell… and it attracts them like hotcakes.


Here are 8 Tips to Get Your Blogging Groove Back


#1 – Take a break & watch some TV

We always tell our private coaching clients that the best way to come up with content to blog about is to simply ‘react to life’.  So just watch some TV, some biz shows, some reality shows, some cooking shows, the local news, whatever floats your boat, and whatever reactions come up inside you from watching them, write about some of that. 

Did something you see inspire you?  Did something you watched make you think of a business/life metaphor?  Did people’s way of thinking piss you off?  All of these are good things to get fired up about and will have you blogging with heart and passion involved. 


#2 – Trash your blogging editorial calendar

Oh yes, yep I said it… yes, you are allowed to do such a thing.  Seriously, if chugging along and blogging about the topics you laid out in advance 8 months ago is driving you bonkers and boring the crap out of you… stop the insanity.  What’s the purpose?  To follow the calendar?  Or to put out a fabulous blog that people drool over?  So if your ‘plan’ is getting in the way of the ‘purpose’ it’s time for you to make a change.

Instead of the creativity-restricting calendar that says you have to write about a certain topic on a certain date like clockwork… try to just keep a nice list of ideas and a list of topics.  This way, you can skim it over and see if a topic jumps out at you and gives you that spark you need to write something amazing. 


#3 – Analyze the interaction and engagement from previous blogs

Go back and look through your old blogs and see which ones were the most popular, which ones gave you the most email subscribers, which ones got the most comments, or the most social shares.  Then analyze the crap out of them and dig deep to find out what was that ‘little something’ that made it so dang special. 

Was it your attitude (sassy, rebellious, funny, positive, empowering, sarcastic, spiritual)?  Was it your writing style?  Was it because it was a story from your real life?  Was it loaded with techy how-to’s?  Look and see what people are loving about you… and that will get you energized and motivated to give them more of that. 


#4 – Create a new blog category

What?  Can you do such a thing?  Haha 🙂  You may have been blogging for over a year and you have your ‘set categories’ that you blog about… Well, if they are boring you and you’re all dry in those areas, there’s no law against breaking out of your box and blogging about a new topic. 

Of course, you still want it to be relevant to your target market, and still be in line with the type of products and services you offer, but sky is the limit.  Start thinking bigger and widening your blogging scope.  If you feel like the same old topics aren’t doing it for you anymore… I bet your readers do too. 


#5 – Interact in Facebook Groups (or at least just snoop)

I love this one as a way to get me fired up and excited about my blogging.  This is by far the best way for me to find juicy and hot topics that people are interested in.  Just hang around in some groups and find out what people in your industry are talking about.  Listen to what things confuse them, what things frustrate them, what kind of challenges they’re having.  Write about those. 

Also, see if you can find any juicy or controversial debates that people have going on.  Maybe people are talking about how a certain marketing strategy makes them feel… half the folks think blogs should be short and to the point, the other half think they should be long and meaty… Listen, observe, and then take a stand, have an opinion, and react to the conversation by way of writing a blog about it!


#6 – Look for stories & lessons in your everyday life

Pay attention to your life.  Don’t just float through life on autopilot.  Watch your relationship with your husband, there are plenty of ‘lessons’ that you should be learning each day in that relationship, and I bet if you dig deep enough you can find a great metaphor for business in what goes on in your marriage.  Watch your kids, I’m sure they do things or they see life in a way that makes you think of a ‘teachable moment’.

Did you develop a lot of patience standing in line at the DMV?  How did you deal with that difficult loss of a family member?  Have you had great disappointments that made you stronger on the flip side?  Look for the life & biz lessons in your everyday life and share metaphors and stories. 


#7 – Change your blogging frequency

What?  We’re breaking all kinds of rules here in this blog article today, huh?  Haha J  But seriously, if you’re blogging once per day and you’re running dry on inspiration… you’ve got to nip that in the bud.  It’s okay to reduce your blogging frequency so that you can focus on the quality of your content in a way that keeps everyone happy.  It’s okay. 

And sometimes, for some people, you may want to increase your blogging frequency.  You may need to blog more to get used to writing and getting your creative juices flowing.  So if you’re only doing once per month, try once per week.  Just be sure to be consistent with whatever new blogging schedule you decide on. 


#8 – Switch up your blogging format

If you always blog in the same style, switch it up.  Again, if you’re bored, so are your readers.  If you’re tired of writing ‘tip lists’ (like this blog), then write a story.  If you’re tired of stories, then write a how-to.  If you always write really long blogs, then make this your shortest one yet.  If you are used to writing short blogs, then make yourself a challenge to write the motherload of all blogs that’s chock full of info. 

Try doing one that’s full of images with just a little text.  Try blogging with infographics.  Make a video blog.  Put a video clip from a movie or a song recording into your blog.  Make a compilation of links to the best blogs you’ve found on a certain subject.  Do a product or service review.  All this will give you some life and keep it interesting for you and your readers. 


So we hope those fun little blogging tips will help you get your groove back and remove some boredom for you.  Blogging is just something that can’t be ignored when it comes to client attraction and lead generation, so you’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep on keepin’ on!  

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