A few weeks back Robin and I were in San Diego for business and pleasure.  And let me tell ya’ San Diego is absolutely beautiful amigo…  Being the craft beer connoisseur I am (Robin says ‘beer snob’ but whatever 🙂 )…  I just had to visit the ‘Stone Brewing Company’.

So we decided to make a whole day of it.  Robin’s actually a very good sport and genuinely enjoys many of my ‘man’ things with me.  So we follow the GPS exactly.  We arrive at the location.  But to our surprise there is no sign.  No logo.  Nothing at all to indicate that we were at the Brewery and restaurant.  We even drove up and down the road looking for this place.  The address on the building indicated we’d arrived.

So we headed on in.

Stone-Brewing-Company-brandingOnce inside we were blown away at just how nice and fancy the inside was.  This place was hot yo.  (not to mention the eccentric menu)  But why no sign out front?

Why did it seem as though it was almost ‘hidden’?  Hold your horses there speedy I’ll get to that in just a Segundo…

After a killer lunch of unusual foods we head in for the brewery tour.  Now if you’re not familiar at all with craft beer or Stone Brewing there is one beer in particular they are known for.  This beer is unlike any other and the name says it all.


Ok, disclaimer out of the way 🙂

Their most famous beer is called ‘Arrogant Bastard’…  That just about says it all, eh?  And let me tell ya’ it is ‘all that’ 🙂  Not only is their beer incredible but their branding (and brand physchology) is phenomenal, amazing even…  And that’s why Robin and I were amazed during our tour.

On the bottle for ‘Arrogant Bastard’ there is a long paragraph on the back that says this:

This is an aggressive ale. You probably won’t like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. We would suggest that you stick to safer and more familiar territory–maybe something with a multi-million dollar ad campaign aimed at convincing you it’s made in a little brewery, or one that implies that their tasteless fizzy yellow beverage will give you more sex appeal. Perhaps you think multi-million dollar ad campaigns make things taste better. Perhaps you’re mouthing your words as you read this.”

And during our tour one fellow connoisseur was brave enough to ask why there was no sign out front.  I don’t believe the young lad had any idea what he was about to hear nor do I believe he even recognized the utter genius behind it…  Because what followed was one of the most valuable branding and market psychology lessons I’d ever heard.

The young portly man in all black guiding our tour was absolutely delighted to share the reason why with us all.

Here’s what he said:   “Steve, the founder of Stone, has always been intentional about NOT doing ANY traditional advertising. No commercials. No radio ads. No magazines. Nothing. Not even a sign. He only wanted the folks to find him who were ALREADY looking for him

Robin and I looked at each other and said one word… ‘GENIUS’

You see they’ve done such and incredible job of ‘DISQUALIFYING’ the wrong folks while at the same time forcing the fence riders to make a choice…  Stone has mastered the art of ‘attraction marketing’.  In the label quoted above Stone does an incredible job at making the reader feel ‘unworthy’ so much so that it sort of impels them to ‘want’ in…  You are moved by something far more powerful than ‘benefits’ or bullet points…  And this my friends is ‘Fabulocity’ at it’s finest!

This right here is a living example of ‘The Hidden Super Behind Client Attraction’ or as Robin and I like to call it… ‘Fabulocity’

And you can learn more about what that is and how it can transform your business here:
FABULOCITY: The Hidden Super Power Behind Client Attraction

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