Facebook Ads Manager Updates, New Facebook Ads Features

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Facebook just introduced several new features and updates that make it a lot more powerful (and easier) for us as business owners and marketers. I recorded this video below detailing some of the newest (and most powerful) updates and new features to Facebook Ads & Ads Manager including: Campaign Level Split Testing New Dynamic Creatives Feature Marketplace as a new placement option And much more… Check it out below >> Click below (opens in Messenger) to get the FREE Facebook Ads Targeting Infographic which details every single targeting option available inside Facebook ads manager >>  

New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

  • New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

    New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an incredible way to grow your business and grow your brand. It used to be enough to just have a ‘fan page’ and engage with your audience there but if you’ve been around Facebook for any time at all you know first hand that ‘fan pages’ are almost completely dead! More and more businesses are realizing that people are looking for a sense of community and Facebook groups give savvy business a tremendous opportunity to leverage this natural human desire… Not to mention the tremendous decline in reach and overall value of a ‘fan page’ Facebook groups […]

[VIDEO] How to stop wasting valuable dollars on the wrong Facebook ad placements (for coaches & consultants)…

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How to stop wasting valuable dollars on the wrong Facebook ad placements (for coaches & consultants)… Understanding the power of immediacy and context in your Facebook ad campaigns… Click below to watch this quick (yet highly powerful) video replay >>   << Learn more about Funnel Fanatics here >>

[VIDEO] How To Use The ‘Stockpile Method’ To Gain Massive Reach & Social Proof

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How To Use The ‘Stockpile Method’ To Gain Massive Reach & Social Proof Watch the replay below of a Facebook LIVE video where I teach you about a ninja Facebook ads hack Robin and I have been using called the ‘Stockpile Method’. In the video replay below I show you how we use it to stack up massive social proof and get tons of FREE organic traffic.  Watch below >> Click below to learn how Funnel Fanatics group marketing training can help you double your business in 2017 with powerful funnels, Facebook ads and online marketing strategies >> << Learn […]

How To Fix LeadPages Link Preview When Sharing URL On Facebook

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Have you ever shared a LeadPages URL link on Facebook, and the link preview is jacked up? It happens every day to you, me, and everyone else.  You go to share your LeadPages URL on Facebook and instead of seeing your pretty page you worked so hard on, you get problems like this: No image shows up when you share your LeadPages link An image, or several images DO show up… but not the one you want Or you just see some mumbo-jumbo and not a good page title or description There’s a simple fix to this LeadPages display problem.  […]

10,621 (Raving) Facebook Fans In 15 Days

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Here’s a cool story about how Robin and I built a fan page with over 10,000 raving fans in less than 15 days… One evening Robin and I are just chilling out on the couch watching our normal evening of shows and chit-chatting… Usually this chit-chatter leads into something about marketing (we can’t help it, we breathe this stuff)… Either a commercial pops on that is genius or we hear something that strikes a chord and… …BAM! We’re off to the races. Well on this particular evening something stuck out to the both of us, at the very same time. […]

Since When Does Social Media ‘Engagement’ Pay Your Bills?

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I can’t tell you how many times I read or hear something about Facebook marketing or social media marketing and all I tend to hear is that it is all about ‘creating engagement’.  I’m sure you’ve read enough blogs or watched enough webinars that said this to know what I’m talking about here, right?  And well I’m kind of sick of hearing this and you should be too!  The last time I checked my bank won’t allow me to write a check for ‘engagement’.  Nope!  It has to be in dollars.  So why are so many entrepreneurs being told that […]

Facebook Link Preview Not Working? Little Known Secret Fix

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Have you ever shared a URL and found that the Facebook link preview isn’t working properly? You’re going to love me forever for what I’m about to share with you!  Haha 🙂  I’ve banged my head against the wall.  I’ve wasted many hours tweaking the back end of my WordPress website over and over again, trying all kinds of tips. Nothing seemed to work other than ‘waiting it out’ just chalking it up to the good old ‘Facebook Bugs’.  Then sooner or later it would magically show the link preview correctly (sometimes it would be hours, sometimes a day or […]

How You Can Triple Your Income & Influence by Giving Grace

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People are watching you, integrity matters. Do you believe that statement to be true?  Have you ever said that out of your mouth and projected that belief onto other people?  I believe it’s true.  And I’ve said it to other people too.  I’ve even proclaimed it adamantly from the rooftops in opposition of someone’s poor behavior.  But recently I’ve had some great lessons taught to me (by my own mistakes) and I have seen a deeper look into this mentality that may surprise you.  It may convict you and humble you.  It may make you mad and disagree.  It may […]

The New Facebook News Feed and Why Visuals Are Going to be Even Hotter

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Last week Facebook made a huge announcement regarding the News Feed and how content would be delivered. Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying that, “We want to give everyone the best personalized newspaper in the world” and he continued to demonstrate that there is a tremendous shift toward the usage and popularity of visuals. You can learn more about the new Facebook news feed here.   Change is Always Good… If you’re an Innovator A lot of folks have been speculating on how the new newsfeed will affect a business’s visibility and EdgeRank and there’s been lots of negative doom […]

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