3 LinkedIn Marketing ‘MUSTS’ For Every Small Business

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For those of you that know Robin and I at all you know that she lives and breathes on Facebook, creating engagement, sparking conversation and generating new leads for our business every day (you’ve probably already had a chat with or her or shared something together 🙂 ) and while I do use Facebook quite a bit LinkedIn is definitely where I like to spend time and build relationships and I have seen such tremendous success using LinkedIn that I wanted to share a few foundational tips I think will really transform how and why you use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is […]

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How You Can Triple Your Income & Influence by Giving Grace

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People are watching you, integrity matters. Do you believe that statement to be true?  Have you ever said that out of your mouth and projected that belief onto other people?  I believe it’s true.  And I’ve said it to other people too.  I’ve even proclaimed it adamantly from the rooftops in opposition of someone’s poor behavior.  But recently I’ve had some great lessons taught to me (by my own mistakes) and I have seen a deeper look into this mentality that may surprise you.  It may convict you and humble you.  It may make you mad and disagree.  It may […]

Using LinkedIn Marketing To Effectively Reach Your Market

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    Using LinkedIn Marketing To Effectively Reach Your Market

  Using LinkedIn Marketing to Effectively Reach Your Target Market LinkedIn, simply put, is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million users and members worldwide. LinkedIn has become the hub for professional networking, ideas, discussion and engagement and is growing every day. LinkedIn prides itself in “giving you the keys to control your online identity”. A LinkedIn profile is highly indexed by Google and rises to the top of search results very quickly when optimized correctly. Because LinkedIn is highly searchable both internally and externally creating targeted, optimized profile is key to success on LinkedIn. Building your profile […]

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Top 20 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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Top 20 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is growing daily and more and more entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business coaches and small business owners are recognizing the tremendous power and leveragability of LinkedIn. The key to success with LinkedIn is having a well optimized profile that speaks a clear message and invites engagement from those who be the best connections for you. With this in mind we created a “Top 20” list of tips and ideas that YOU can implement to improve your LinkedIn profile and maximize your usage.  Here’s how you can improve your LinkedIn profile below: Profile […]

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