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Facebook Landing Pages and ‘Default’ Pages

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With the advent of the new “timeline” feature becoming mandatory to business and brand pages, Facebook has removed the ability to control a “default” landing or welcome page. Many businesses are upset about this change but as an entrepreneur it is very clear why this major change has taken place; Facebook is going public! Facebook has moved beyond “social network” to publicly traded company and with that comes the need to monetize wherever possible. Facebook, like Google, has been generating revenue through its PPC (Pay Per Click) or “Facebook Ads” stream. It only made sense for Facebook to remove these “default” features for businesses […]

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Top 3 Tips to drive traffic from Facebook to your website

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#1: Use teaser content When you post an article, you provide your fans with a clear picture of the content being shared. The post will contain a headline, photo and intro text. But in this case, I am suggesting you provide only a teaser to pique the user’s interest. Some might find this a bit sneaky, and it’s not something you want to do all the time, but it can be an effective way to entice a click. Chili’s does a good job of this on their page. As you can see in the example below, they have posed a […]

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Maximizing Social Media for Business

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One Major Factor That Will Determine Your Brand’s Explosion or Erosion on Social Media So you’re on Facebook, “tweeting” on Twitter every day and “pinning” like crazy but you’ve noticed that none of these things are bringing much benefit to your business. Why? This seems to be the big question for most small businesses when it comes to social media. Entrepreneurs recognize that there is great value in “being” on social media but many can’t seem to get the results they want and either grow frustrated or continue at a mediocre rate. But wait there IS hope! Just one simple […]

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