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How To Fix LeadPages Link Preview When Sharing URL On Facebook

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Have you ever shared a LeadPages URL link on Facebook, and the link preview is jacked up? It happens every day to you, me, and everyone else.  You go to share your LeadPages URL on Facebook and instead of seeing your pretty page you worked so hard on, you get problems like this: No image shows up when you share your LeadPages link An image, or several images DO show up… but not the one you want Or you just see some mumbo-jumbo and not a good page title or description There’s a simple fix to this LeadPages display problem.  […]

42 Tutorials on How To Use Google Plus: The Motherload of Resources

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If you’re not using Google Plus – you’re missing out! Although Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data (remember they’re competitors). This limits their SEO effectiveness.  But not so with Google+.  So I’m sure by now you’ve heard and seen the major shift towards Google’s social platform but maybe it seems like too much to learn.  We’ve gone ahead and compiled 42 of the best “How to use Google Plus” tutorials below so you can get in the game and start leveraging the marketing power of Google Plus!   Just […]

Facebook Link Preview Not Working? Little Known Secret Fix

  • Facebook link preview not showing correctly, could it be facebook bugs?
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Have you ever shared a URL and found that the Facebook link preview isn’t working properly? You’re going to love me forever for what I’m about to share with you!  Haha 🙂  I’ve banged my head against the wall.  I’ve wasted many hours tweaking the back end of my WordPress website over and over again, trying all kinds of tips. Nothing seemed to work other than ‘waiting it out’ just chalking it up to the good old ‘Facebook Bugs’.  Then sooner or later it would magically show the link preview correctly (sometimes it would be hours, sometimes a day or […]

Responsive Design WordPress Themes: You Snooze, You Lose

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I’m not going to spend this article trying to convince you of the need to be mobile friendly. The hard truth is that, as the number of smartphone users rises, folks are becoming less patient, less impressed, less engaged and plain old crapping out on sites that aren’t prepared for the mobile age. The stats at the bottom of this article speak for themselves.  If you’re not convinced already, I don’t know what to tell you, you’ll just lose a lot of business to your more savvy competitors.   I wonder why I see so many websites, sales pages & […]

5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs

  • 5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs 5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs

    5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs

5 Productivity Tips and Tools For Busy Entrepreneurs As busy entrepreneurs we all the one commodity we seem to lack the most; TIME, right? Well learning to make the most of each minute and hour you spend is highly pivotal to increasing profitability and being more productive. Below are just a few tips I have found to be extremely helpful. Most personal productivity issues arise from the same basic types of issues like distraction, inability to prioritize and plan, or in some cases, psychological barriers. 1. Mind mapping software Mind mapping is one of the most versatile techniques for improving […]

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