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New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

  • New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

    New Features & Updates For Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an incredible way to grow your business and grow your brand. It used to be enough to just have a ‘fan page’ and engage with your audience there but if you’ve been around Facebook for any time at all you know first hand that ‘fan pages’ are almost completely dead! More and more businesses are realizing that people are looking for a sense of community and Facebook groups give savvy business a tremendous opportunity to leverage this natural human desire… Not to mention the tremendous decline in reach and overall value of a ‘fan page’ Facebook groups […]

I Got… 99 Problems But ‘Search’ (Engines) Ain’t One?

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SEO… SEM… and whatever other anagram you want to use… You know the industry with a million ‘Gurus’ promising you the ever coveted ‘Number 1 ranking’ on Google (but very rarely deliver). And ya know for years Robin and I looked at this ‘service’, heard from clients who wondered why folks ever bought into it.  I also find that the one question very few businesses answer, in their hot pursuit of #1 rankings, is “What are you going to do once you get there?” At best these businesses who paid their way to top found themselves just increasing their bounce […]

Let’s Get Visible, Visible! (Is visibility ALL that matters?)

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So You Want To Be An Online Rockstar?  It Takes More Than Just Online Visibility! You’ve got a killer message, your passionate about helping the world, your offerings are amazing, you just re-branded and have a great new look but your sphere of influence is a measly 87 people. Sound familiar? Well don’t get all in a tizzy and worried about your numbers and sphere of influence.  As I’ve shared in other articles it’s not the size of your list – it’s how you work it.  And that has never been more true!   We All Want More Online Visibility, […]

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