Us women tend to be our own worst critics and not give ourselves enough credit.

superwoman critic learn to celebrate your successWe are the life-givers, the care-givers, the cheerleaders, the encouragers… the ones who can do it all, right?  Sometimes we think everything in the world (and our business) is up to us, we’re superwomen!

But what happens when we can’t or don’t pull off everything perfectly?  Sometimes there’s a tendency to just beat ourselves up, over and over again.


When was the last time you gave yourself credit for an accomplishment without adding a little criticism in at the end?

You got a project done, you launched a program, and you’re like, “This looks pretty dang good, buuuuuuut, if only I did a little more it would have been perfect.  Next time, I’ll nail this one out of the park.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am very big on analyzing what worked and what didn’t work, measuring your business metrics for constant improvement, but there’s a time and a place for everything.  You’ve got to give yourself time to celebrate your successes immediately after the completion of a big project.


Often, the most important piece in the goal cycle is left out

When we’re so focused and driven in our business, it’s easy to forget the most important piece in the cycle, and just fast-forward to setting the next goal to achieve without pausing to celebrate.


Taking Time to Celebrate Your Success helps you stay confident in your strengths.  { click to tweet this blurb }

When you pull off something great in your business you bring out a lot of inner qualities about yourself, such as courage, persistence, creativity, leadership and inspiration.  So when others acknowledge you, and you give yourself credit, it is deeply satisfying.  And that deep satisfaction is what we’re looking for in our business to begin with, right?  So acknowledging your inner strengths really helps you to use them even more going forward.


Celebration is the best motivator.

When you know you’ve got some hard work up ahead, it’s a great motivator to roll up your sleeves and dive in hardcore when you know you’re going to get to celebrate in a fun way after your goal is achieved.

We just wrapped up the first phase of launching our Marketing Game-Changer 8-Week Group Training Series, and it was a crapload of work!  Sheesh, we stayed up until 1:30am most nights of the week, writing content, planning emails, I lost my voice from the long hours, my shoulders were knotted up like a giant stress ball, haha 🙂

But today we’re taking the day off to celebrate all our hard work and what we accomplished. Mike surprised me with a big day at the spa for a massage, hydro treatment, getting my hair done, all kinds of fabulousness!  And we won’t stop the celebrations there.  We’re going to go out for dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse, have some family over for a good time, and just RELAX and marinate in all the good stuff that we set our minds to and achieved.  No work.  Just celebrating. 

You’ve got to incorporate celebrating into your biz routines if you want to keep motivated to kick booty and take names.  { tweet this }

So tell me, do you celebrate your success?  What’s the most fun & fabulous way that you celebrate your success?  Tell me in the comments section…

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