anticipation-copyHave you ever wondered why some business seem to have the whole ‘client attraction’ thing down to a science?  Like people just seem to drool over them and fall in love with everything they say and do?  Why is this? 

There are actually several factors that fit into this and help catapult these businesses to ‘stardom’ among their audience and fan base and today I want to share a little about one of the most important pieces of this whole ‘client attraction’ chemistry.  Anticipation.

I remember early on when Robin (my wife) and I were still courting, one of the things she would often say to me in regard to “getting to know her” was that she “could only give so much because she had to KEEP ME ANTICIPATING”, meaning she had to sort of “hold back some of the ‘goods’ in order to build anticipation with me as her ‘pursuer’… What she was doing was ‘marketing’ to me without even really knowing it then.  She was creating in me an instant anticipation to ‘know more’ that kept me locked in and in pursuit.  She was operating in the ‘chemistry of client attraction’ long before either of us really knew what that was.

As an entrepreneur you should always be building anticipation among your audience with everything you say and do while continuously creating in them a desire for your product or service and giving them a real reason to ‘continue pursuing you’ knowing that the desire/anticipation created in them can ONLY be satisfied by you! You see Robin so skillfully and carefully created in me a desire to ‘have more’ and with that desire came an innate knowing that she ALONE could satisfy that desire that SHE created. Genius, right?  Of course it is! 

Can you see how this applies to your marketing?

Sometimes we have the tendency to give TOO much and this either leaves people satiated and full or they leave feeling overfull and not sure how to process what you’ve shared.  This can be a real hindrance to your business and may work as a ‘client dis-traction’ instead of a ‘client attraction’.

Everything you do should be building anticipation for the next thing.  You must also find the skillful medium that gives enough to keep them ‘pursuing’ while not over-satiating and sending them away full or confused.  One of the biggest places we see this is on people’s websites.  There is either WAY too much info and people just don’t know what to do or what to process or there is too little or the wrong info and people move right along to the next thing.  We are always saying that the purpose of each sentence and headline in your copy, on your website, in your blog etc. is to get the reader to read the next one. That’s it.  Plain and simple!  When you look at it this way it makes it that much easier to create amazing copy, headlines and offers that people drool over (just like I drooled over Robin :))…  now go out there, build anticipation and put the chemistry of ‘client attraction’ to work in your business!

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