Oh, you’re an action taker, eh?

This is going to be a great fit. We like you already. You’re definitely the type we like to hang with and we’re so excited to be able to chat with you and get to know you better!

During this 30-minute no-obligation session, we’ll dig in to learn all about what you’re offering to the world, where you’re getting stuck & determine what’s the best plan of action you can take with us towards online domination to get your message in front of as many folks as possible – and make craploads of money while you’re at it 😉

My income went from $2,000/month with my membership community to making $50,000/month since working with Mike & Robin.

Because of all that they've taught me, and the funnels I have built, I am now able to profit a quick $10K on-demand within just a few hours of work using their revenue strategies & systems.

It's hard to put into words what that has done for me, so I will say this, it has given me the FREEDOM to travel monthly, build a half-million dollar business, live my life by MY design and change lives all over the world.  If you are even kind of thinking about hiring these guys, I will tell you that it's a no-brainer.

Trust me, I know these guys aren’t cheap, and I took my last pennies to hire them, and since I'm now rockin' a half a million dollar biz, it was the BEST dang decision I’ve ever made. PLUS, I refer people to them every chance I get because it’s worth taking your last penny to hire them. YOU WILL BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU DID. And if you’re serious about having a business instead of a hobby, you need to do it RIGHT NOW!

Alishia Wilardson, Direct Sales Business Coach www.RockstarDirectSales.com

Does it Cost Money? How Does It Work?

Well, to break it down for ya… This first chat is at no cost to you, but we do need you to fully understand the purpose of this Discovery Session. We are going to help you get really clear about what you need, and then we’ll explore the best next steps you can take in working with us. However this is NOT a simple “pick my brain” thing or a “free coaching session”… and we’re definitely not “cheap”… Soooooo…

If you have no interest in hiring a coach, getting intense strategies & training, or if you’re not committed to taking the necessary actions to get the results you desire, then some of our free training materials (in the footer down below) or our free Facebook Group might be a better fit for you than this call.

Here’s how it works …

  • You pick a time that’s convenient for you
  • We’ll chat for 30 minutes
  • We’ll uncover your biggest struggles and what exactly is getting you stuck
  • We’ll identify your most pressing needs and define some goals
  • If we know we can help you get to your goals, we’ll let you know what your next best step in working with us is
  • If you like it, and we like each other… You’re in for the adventure ride of a lifetime!







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Robin & Mike Pisciotta are Online Marketing Strategists, Coaches & Speakers are crazy dreamers who believe that it’s possible for EVERYONE to build unique and profitable biz that everyone’s talking about. As stay at home parents of a three-year-old and a new baby, they believe that making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, so they’ve mastered the art of leveraging and maximizing every ounce of your online marketing so you can serve more people, make insane amounts of money… and have the freedom to enjoy it all.