We get a lot of questions about content marketing…

How do I write content for my email marketing? What particular thing should be in my content to increase engagement? What kind of content marketing makes money? Is there a difference? Or is all content equal?

A lot of gurus out there reach the “just give” approach, and that advice is so generic and wide-sweeping that makes it hard to put into practice. “Just Be Giving” is not exactly an actionable tip to content marketing.

What does “just give” look like? The truth is that most gurus give that fluffy advice because they don’t exactly know what makes good content because they pay someone else to write their content for them.

There’s all kinds of content, there’s giving content but there’s also content marketing that gives AND makes you more money simultaneously. That’s the kind of content marketing we go over during the Periscope training in the video below.

(if you’re not the video-watching type – just keep scrolling, my friends – and there’s more of the article below the video)


Why the Common Approach to Content Marketing is Keeping You Broke

A lot of people don’t get a lot of results with the common approach to content marketing and email marketing.

We’ve all been taught (or at least I hope you have been taught) that you should be “pre-selling” with your content.  But again, that concept kind of eludes most people because it’s hard to visualize what that kind of content looks like in real life. I once saw this concept illustrated by an old friend Colin Theriot, and it stuck with me ever since. It has shaped the way I approach “content” in my business from the moment I heard it.

The common approach to content marketing looks something like this:


What happens is that the promo sticks out in the sequence. The pattern you created is of “ease” and “comfort” punctuated with tension.

The smarter approach to content marketing looks something like this:


This creates a pattern of tension and punctuated with a release, with happiness, with thankfulness.

With this content marketing approach, people will buy from you because at the end they will feel at ease, they will have a release. Whereas with the first one, the one you’re probably using right now, you’re actually causing people to RESIST your help, to RESIST your offers.

Now if you feel icky and weird about “talking about the problem,” – just think of it as talking about mindset. You’re helping your audience to see the situation to their problem so that they’ll take action, to get out of the problem.

The gear of this content marketing strategy is to give. But to give in a much more power way. To give in a way that SERVES people better. It gives and teaches them about their problem, why they have a problem, what keeps them stuck in it, why they need to get out of it, all the great possibilities awaiting them when they get out, the sneaky little lies that keep then stuck in it.

You’re serving at a much higher level when you give this way. This is true content marketing. It teaches. It gives people something to come away with. But it also makes them highly aware of their problem and that they need to fix it. Then when you provide a solution at the end of the sequence of your content, people buy it up like hotcakes.

When Done Right…

The Why Feeds People And Makes Them Hungry For More

The How Is Your Bread & Butter And Gets You Clients

In our Marketing Megaminds Facebook group (click here to join), we created a 3-part series content marketing and email marketing post. People love that content in the group.

What we were teaching in that post is what email and content marketing can do for your business, and why you should do email marketing. The kind of mindset that you have going on that’s keeping you from doing and succeeding in email marketing.

But it’s not teaching HOW to do email marketing.

So if you’re reading this thinking that “talking about someone’s problem isn’t giving….that’s not good content” then I say you don’t know what you’re talking about.

All day, everyday, people experience that content and LEARN A LOT. They comment on how inspiring it was , how it opened their eyes, how it provoked them, and how they rave about it.

And you know what else? They get highly aware that they need to be doing email marketing. And what do you think happens at the end when I say, “Hey by the way, we have an email marketing training“? They buy it up as fast as they can… thanking us the whole way. Because that kind of content marketing IS GIVING, it IS SERVING at the highest level, because it taught them AND got them to do something about their problem simultaneously.


How To Get Engagement with Content Marketing

Our number one tip – don’t write or create content marketing “trying to get engagement.” Don’t focus on trying to get likes or comments.

Our content marketing gets a lot of engagement and invokes comments from our audience is because we REACT to real life, and how they apply to marketing and biz.

And that automatically connects with people, and it invokes comments. So people just want to engage, automatically.

Content Marketing and Email Marketing Best Practices

How often should you send emails – everyday! As long as you have something valuable to say, then send emails everyday.

Typically, people would be like “oh my goodness I don’t wanna send them an email, I don’t wanna be annoying” blah blah. What happens then is that you put yourself in an APOLOGETIC STATE OF MARKETING ™. Do y’all like that?

If you have something to say that’s valuable, that is helpful, then don’t apologize for your emails. You’re serving your audience.

Approach your audience with a mindset that they are privileged to know you, interact with you, engaged with you, and to consume your content.

Approach email marketing like Periscope – write when you have something to say. Don’t get stuck in the pattern and the mundane of the scheduler.

The number one thing that makes email work when writing to throw out all rules of grammar. Be conversational in your emails.

The Number One Thing That Kills Copy in Content Marketing

When you put together content marketing or email, THE NUMBER ONE thing that kills copy in what otherwise would have been really awesome copy, is this –

people try to have too many points, instead of focusing on just ONE POINT.

Just have one single focus, one single solution, ONE POINT that you’re trying to make. Don’t dilute your message with a bunch of points that you’re trying to make.

Give your audience ONE THING so that when they’re done with the content, they can easily remember and implement it.

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