Ever sat down to write copy and felt completely blank? We all have, right? Copy writing can be frustrating, draining and even highly annoying at times. Trust me. I know. So Robin and I broke down the top 4, easiest ways that we get copy nuggets right out of the mouth of our target market. Genius, right? I thought you would think so. 🙂 Soooo…

Here are some ways to get copy nuggets and learn what words and phrases your target market are really saying out of their own mouths:

Copy Writing Tip #1

Talk to people. Get out there and talk to people and see what they’re saying. Listen at networking events. Have real conversations instead of trying to tell them what you do. Use it as a recon mission.

Copy Writing Tip #2

Groups. Participate in online groups (paid or free). For example, when you’re in groups like Marketing Mega Minds, pay attention to what other entrepreneurs are talking about, what frustrates them, what they need, etc. It’s an invaluable part of being in a group.

Copy Writing Tip #3

Do surveys. You may think you know how people perceive your company and what they want, but it’s not until you ask them that you really know. Use open ended questions that allow them to respond in their own words. You can now capture what they’re saying and how they’re saying it and use in your copy.

Ask things like —

  • What persuaded you to buy from us?
  • How would you describe us to a friend?
  • What prompted you to start looking for this type of service?

For example, when we ask folks why they joined our Marketing Game-Changer Program, we get nuggets like this that we can add into our copy for next time:

I wanted to spice up my website and quit being so stuffy
I need to learn to bring the human touch into my biz and be myself
I know I’ll add some much needed pizzazz to my marketing

Copy Writing Tip #4

My favorite secret weapon: Study Amazon Reviews! If you can’t and don’t have a big or responsive list to do surveys – do Amazon reviews – genius – the best copy writer you could ever hire! Now, the results won’t be specific to your own product or service, but it will help you understand how real people are talking about your product or service category.

Search for category-related books that have to do with your services, or something similar to a problem you solve and read their book reviews. You’ll most often discover specific copy nuggets and language that’s so relevant in your industry.

For example, I can go to and type in ‘internet marketing’ in the search bar and look for books that have customer reviews. Here are some nuggets we find:

  • We’re all basically the same under the surface
  • It gave me permission to experiment and not be afraid to test and find my own voice
  • It challenges some of my own assumptions about SEM, SEO and web design
  • My understanding of marketing is now fundamentally different and exponentially better
  • Lots of things talk about theory, but few talk about actual applications

Use Personality (but avoid getting too quirky where you lose clarity)

When in doubt… Remember…

Clarity always trumps personality.

So of course you know we’re huge advocates of being yourself. It’s what’s really going to differentiate yourself from all the millions of others who do the same thing you do.

Copy writing is so essential to the growth of your online business. It’s like the life-blood of all you do online. If you start with these 4 tips above you’ll see just how easy copy writing can become. Robin and I have also put together an awesome resource called “Hot Words That Work It“. This is a compilation of the hottest selling words, phrases and headlines that you can use now and deploy in your own copy time and time again. Just click below to grab your free copy (and steal our copy writing secrets 🙂 )

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