client-attraction-over-deliveringHas this ever happened to you?  You hear about this great new restaurant in town that everyone is raving about.  You book a reservation.  You get all dressed up and head out.  You sit down and order with a great anticipation.  But what happens?  The food is ok.  The service was really just alright. It happens all too often that your experience was really just average.  It was mediocre and regular.  It wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ experience but it definitely wasn’t a ‘wow’ experience.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for customers to just have their need met, but nothing more.  They get only what they pay for.  It’s way too common to have just an average experience.

But wait shouldn’t you get ‘what you pay for’?  Yes, but it has to go further.   The businesses that really excel, the companies that create raving fans and loyal customers are those that over deliver EVERY TIME!  These business, whether solo-preneurs or large corporations have mastered the art of ‘over-delivering’ on every experience their customers have with them and their brand.  The result?  Massive client attraction!

I was recently doing a discovery session with a potential client who downloaded our free ebook, “21 Proven Methods To Spread Your Message Fast & Attract Hot Leads”, and she said that after she had finished the ebook (all 56 pages) she actually felt very strongly that we should have been charging for it.  And she isn’t the only person who has shared this with us.  We actually hear it quite often.  Robin and I are so purposeful about this and strive to make every contact someone will have with us and our brand a stellar experience.  When someone gets one of our freebies our ONLY goal is to deliver so much value and quality and give people real, actionable tips and strategies that will help them grow and attain their business goals right now.  We want people to be absolutely wowed and ‘overwhelmed’ by what they have received that they almost can’t help but tell others about this amazing experience.

So does it work?  You bet your bottom dollar it works.  We have an almost 90% referral and retention rate.  Why?  Because we know and live by a saying we learned very early in our business lives and it’s actually right in front of me on my vision board every day and it goes, “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”  Awesome, right?

Are You Delivering On The Unexpected?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says in his book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul that a partner’s (aka. employee’s) job at Starbucks is to “deliver on the unexpected.”

Starbucks is intentional about this. It’s built into their culture. Their training. It’s written down. It isn’t something they hope happens. They plan it.

You can do the same and you should because your competition is after your customers. And your customers are always looking for a better experience.

Do you deliver a better experience than your competition?

You must demonstrate the relationship you have with your customers is not based on a transaction.  Your customers must feel that you get them, that their business really is important to you!  That they are not just one among many but the only ONE!

Take some time away from working in your business and work on it. Spend 2-3 hours by yourself or with your team brainstorming ways you can deliver on the unexpected.

And then go out there, over deliver and give your customers and fans an experience they can’t help but tell others about.  I dare you!

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