Do you have great ideas, empowering thoughts, inspiring points of view – but something in your head keeps you quiet? 

And then have you ever heard someone else shouting those same things from the rooftops, getting major visibility, growing their business like mad and felt like, “Dang, I can’t say that now, so-and-so did already”?

I’ll be honest, I’ve had those thoughts, “I was sooooo going to say that.  I was sooo thinking that too.  Oh, but they beat me to it.”  These are the kinds of little thoughts that are sure to keep you playing small (if you let them).


Ego & fear can muddy up your vision & purpose

I believe women are wired with a natural desire to shine, to let YOU out, be seen, be heard, make a difference, and help people.  And it’s a pure desire that comes from the right reasons.  And women who do shine are making huge impact on the world and becoming great leaders (and making lots of money).

But the funniest thing happens when your pure desire to shine gets infected by ego and fear.  It muddies up your vision and purpose (your real reason for shining) and gets you stuck, big time.


No joke… these THREE things happened to us in the past month.

do it afriad women in business
In the past month we just went through a major rebranding, changed our entire business model, launched our new website and created our Marketing Game-Changer 8-week Group Coaching Program.

When working with our coach to put together Marketing Game-Changer, she encouraged us to use our personality, things we love, colors, sports, music, and go with a theme.  So we picked the name because we absolutely love football, our whole team does.  And also because online marketing was literally a monumental game-changer for our lives. 

So after we had such a great vision and inspiration, did such hard work preparing and creating fabulous things… within days I saw 5 other businesspeople using that exact “Game-Changer” phrase – and the thought immediately crept in, “Oh crap, people are going to think we copied them – we’ve got to change everything now – months of more planning”

Then in regards to our purpose, our entire “platform” and point of view… we use copy on our 1-1 coaching services page about this “underdog mentality” and our entire point of view is based on this, everything we stand for is based on the fact that it’s not ‘easier for the big dogs’ and we want to empower folks with the knowledge and tools to know that they can play big no matter what.

Well, literally days after we launched our website, I saw an email from Suzanne Evans, (big time business coach) launching some kind of program or class called “Underdog” something with that whole point of view.

Then another very big and well-known online marketer also came out with a new podcast… and the name of it was our tagline!


So I’ll be honest… The lies, fears and thoughts popped in my mind… Trying to stall me… Trying to get me to waver

The thought that ‘They are bigger than me, and if people see me saying it too, they’ll think I copied it.  I’ll look like an imitation or a follower.  People won’t take me seriously.’

All those kinds of thoughts are nonsense, and here’s why:

  • You’re NOT copying them and they’re not copying you – there are going to be plenty of people in the world who have similar ideals.
  • It’s silly to think that ONE person or ONE business can corner the market on a ‘thought’ or an ‘opinion’ or a ‘point of view’
  • They reach different people than you do
  • You are unique and have your own life experiences that go with your point of view
  • The more people that hear the message the better
  • You’re not helping anyone by staying quiet
  • You definitely aren’t growing your business by staying quiet
  • Who will you attract if you’re not letting people get to know you and see into your heart?

What’s more important?  You and your ego and being seen as the first person who said it, and looking original?  Or the purpose of getting the message out and empowering folks?


You’ve got to OWN who you are, what you believe, your point of view and be confident in it. 

The best way to grow in life and business is to let YOU out, open your mouth and shine.  Of course there are going to be other women with the same point of view.  That’s FABULOUS!  Just because other women have the same kinds of ideas and point of view, does not mean that you’re no longer ‘special’ and that you no longer matter.  That’s just craziness.  Having thoughts like that isn’t wrong – but acting on them, and staying small because of those thoughts is very wrong.


Do it Afraid

One of my favorite women leaders, Joyce Meyer, always says “Do it Afraid” – it’s not wrong to have the fear.  We all do.  We’re all human.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But you can’t let the fear control your actions.  Rebel against it, do it afraid, and start opening your mouth! 

When you’ve got a thought in your head ask yourself what would happen if you let the thought control your actions and stop you in your tracks?

  • Would the message be heard by more or less people?
  • Would women be empowered to change their lives and businesses?
  • Would your own business grow financially?
  • Would it push you out of your comfort zone and into major growth?
  • Or would it keep you playing small and broke?
  • Would it keep you in the same place you are now?
  • Would it prevent other women from being bold, brave and inspiring?


What would happen if you rebelled against it and did it afraid? 

So I had the thoughts, big deal.  I pressed on and kept moving towards my goals and fulfilling my purpose.  And the truth is that women are being affected daily.  Entrepreneurs are being empowered and inspired.  People are writing to us every day telling us how much we’ve helped them, and new clients flying in the door!

Our business has seen like ten-fold growth just because I started opening my mouth.  It’s time for you to quit hiding.  Start sharing your thoughts and ideas.  Your business isn’t going to grow, you’re not going to attract the clients you want, and you’re not going to achieve the lifestyle (or fulfillment) you want if you’re playing small, if you don’t get out there and ‘work it’ – shine in true ways – shine in all ways – and you’ll see benefits in more ways than one 🙂


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