email-list-profileHave you ever heard the phrase… “The Money Is In The List”? Duh, right?  We’ve all heard it, of course!  Buuuutttt…  that saying is not entirely true…

The truth is that the money is ONLY in the list IF you ‘work it’ … huuuuuge! The money doesn’t just come to you apart from you working your list. Aggressively growing your email list does not mean you’ll make money. Having a big list does not mean you’ll make money. That’s the truth.

Learning to profit from your list no matter what size it may be is a carefully crafted skill and it starts with understanding the different ‘types’ of people on your list.

The truth is that … You Have 9 Types of People On Your Email List At All Times.  So without any further adieu here they are 🙂


Those that are constantly sucking the low hanging “nipple” of those that are “benefiting” them… “today” … and Those that avoid YOU when you’re NOT the “nipple”. These are the kind that will suck you dry and take anything and everything you give them… as long as it’s free. They are not only free-seekers, but they are ‘takers’ by every definition of the word… and only looking out for #1.

Reminds me of a quote I once read…

“Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for a new place to plug it in…” -Cavett Robert.


No, not Pittsburgh football fans. These are the folks that are on your list to scope you out, steal your ideas, steal your content, steal your copy… steal everything for the benefit of themselves. They only got on your list in the first place to steal from you. They are going to send out emails exactly like yours, and create programs exactly like yours. Yes, these folks exist, get over it.


These are the people on your list who are envious (in the NOT GOOD way), they are jealous, they are most likely a competitor or someone you once worked with, or for. They read your emails to belittle and laugh at what you’re up to in order to build themselves up. They read everything you send out, and they get some kind of sick & twisted joy when they spot a misspelling or error.


These are the types that are on a constant ‘seek & research’ mission. They are on an endless quest to learn, research, prepare, get everything right. They want as much information as they can possibly get. These guys are most likely on TONS of other lists too. And these are the folks that are lifelong learners, but don’t typically get much done in their business.


These are folks that do not like (or need) help with strategizing, accountability, planning, implementing or motivation. They seek out information and they are good to go.


These guys don’t necessarily need what you have at the moment, but they really value you, they respect you as an authority, they look up to you, they jive with your style. These folks will share your stuff and tell their friends about you, and sometimes even become affiliates and help you sell your stuff.


They really, really love everything you put out, but have not yet seen or understood how it would apply to them or how they could put your services to use in their unique situation. Perhaps they want to work with you so badly, but they can’t afford it right now (at least they BELIEVE they can’t)… but nevertheless they love you to pieces, and they ‘have plans’ and ‘have goals’ to work with you in the future.


These are the folks that buy very easily. There could be many reasons they do this… they could be compulsive buyers, haha… they could value you… respect you… need you… but nevertheless they buy… A LOT.


These are the kind of people who want the best. They want high quality, they want prestige, they want special attention, they want ELITE. They are very selective. They look for certain qualities. They know what they want, and they sure as heck will know when they see it.

So there you have it. These 9 types of people are on your list at ALL TIMES. Even if you only have 20 people on your list right now… I guarantee you have these 9 Types on your list.  Now if you’re sitting there thinking yes, yes, yes I totally see this and I want to start capitalizing on this then we totally need to chat.  Click here (or on the link below) to set up a time to chat with Robin and I to find out how you can start profiting from your list… no matter how big it is!!

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