email-marketing-hotter-than-everIn the day and age of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn it seems the idea of email marketing is a thing of the past. Many entrepreneurs have come to believe that they only need to utilize social media to grow their business while ignoring email. And the truth is, that has never been more wrong. In fact, email marketing is hotter than ever. Here are a few facts about email marketing that may surprise you:

  • 91% of consumers check their email daily (ExactTarget).
  • 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email (Merkle).
  • The average clickthrough rate for B2B marketing emails in 2013 was 1.7%.
  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message

The first one alone is staggering. 91% of consumers, yes, consumers check their email daily. So if you’ve been on the fence wondering if email marketing is alive and worthy of your business attention this alone should tip the scale for you. In fact, email marketing is usually the first place we start with when working with clients 1-on-1 as this is one of the fastest ways to produce cash injections into your business.

As you can see from the stats above email marketing is definitely hot, right? So now that we’ve cleared that up let’s look at some top ways to profit from email marketing.

Subject Line Standoff

The #1 most important element of your email is the subject line. This is the make or break piece of the email that will determine whether the recipient opens and engages or sends you to the trash. This subject line can be viewed as a sort of standoff between your email and the recipient’s attention. Who will win?

There are 3 parts of the subject line that you can control; the ‘from name’, the subject itself and the preview area.

So let’s look at these 3 areas and how to improve:

  1. Your ‘from \name’ area should be clearly recognizable. Do people know you as ‘XYZ Company’? Then your ‘from’ area should be the same. You want people to immediately recognize who this email is from. If they know you by name (i.e. Robin and I are known more by ‘Mike & Robin’ then by ‘Marketing Your Purpose’ so we use ‘Mike & Robin’ first and then our company second because this is how people know us) then you want that name to be the first thing they see.
  2. Move that stinkin’ ‘Open in your browser’ thingee to the bottom: Lots of email marketing templates have the ‘View in your browser’ link at the top of the body. So this means the first thing your peeps see on the preview is “open this email in your browser”… which is in essence a huge waste of valuable viewing space. Let’s fix this people! Move that to the bottom… like right now! 🙂
  3. Use an H1 tag that has meaning: Never waste ‘headings’ in your email. Use this top ‘preview’ area of your email to get attention and create intrigue. Remember, the only purpose of a headline is to get them to read the next sentence!

Momentum & Intrigue: Conversion Boosters

Sometimes just sending one email won’t do it. There has to be more. Creating a series of emails that build upon one another can create intrigue and build momentum leading to a final conclusion (or release) that has your community just waiting for your next email. Oh, and let me address those of you who may be afraid to ‘send multiple’ emails. Get over it!! 🙂

As I shared in my ‘List Building BBQ’ post a few weeks back you can’t worry about unsubscribes. You ONLY want quality folks who dig you on your list anyway, right? So as long as these 2 criteria below are true then sending a series of emails is a great idea for you…

  • You’ve asked your customers’ permission (i.e. they opted-in and said yes to receive stuff from you)
  • You’re sending different content in each email. In other words, trying to send the same stuff over and over is the fastest way to piss people off. So send different content that builds momentum and provides value.

Wrapping It Up…

Along with the above mentioned tips you also want to write as if you’re emailing one person only. Stop thinking in terms of ‘subscribers’ or your ‘list’. Be personal! Talk to your tribe as though you’re talking to just one person. Your emails will sound more genuine and folks will connect with you much better than if you spoke with jargon and fluffery (is that even a word? 🙂 )

And lastly, let people know what to expect. Yes, you’re in business to make money and promotional emails should be part of your email marketing strategy. Just be certain to set the tone right from the beginning and let folks you’re in business and you have stuff to offer..

So if you’re wondering how to grow your list (the right way), build a thriving community of raving fans and reach more people with your message (who actually WANT to hear it) then you’ll definitely want to check out our training “List Building Machine”. << Click here to LEARN MORE >>

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