OK, so last week we went over the 9 main profile types of people on your list. If you didn’t see that post, just click here to read “Identifying The 9 Profile ‘Types’ On Your Email List At ALL Times“…

So why should you care about the different kinds of people on the list? And the answer is so that you overcome your fear, let go of your excuses, stop stalling, and start ‘working your list’! haha

The thing is that I don’t know how many clients we’ve worked with, when we ask them the question, “How much money have you made from your list in the last 60 days?” and there is silence…

So then we ask them, “How about in the last year? Have you EVER made money from your list?” and the answer is… either NOPE, I’m not sure or not that much.

Holy crap! First, it breaks our heart to see people working their butts off to build a list… and do nothing with it… but then second it makes us want to give you a good old fashioned kick in the marketing pants!

So we’ve heard story after story as to WHY YOU SHOULDN’T… or WHY YOU AREN’T working your list… and it goes something like this…

– My list is too small… WRONGO.

– I have no products or offerings yet, nothing to sell… WRONGO.

– My list is sensitive, they are used to me not being salesy or pushy… WHO CARES.

– I’m afraid people will unsubscribe… IF THEY DO, IT’S A GOOD THING.

– I was told that I should ‘nurture’ my list and be very careful with it…


So what I’m going to show you in just a minute is exactly what will happen to each of those 9 profile types of people on your list when you ‘work it’. The truth is that ONLY GOOD THINGS can happen when you ‘work your list’… and what I mean by ‘working it’ is MAKING OFFERS.

If you’re in a hurry and want to save this for later you can click here to download the PDF version free.

We used to buy into those fears and lies that I listed above, and you know where they got us? Not making money, that’s where they got us. Super busy, doing all the right things, with no results, that’s where they got us.

So we learned a few things, and got some thick skin, and a correct mindset towards business and marketing, and made an offer without fear of the dreaded ‘unsubscribes’… and a beautiful thing happened… money started pouring in so easily… money came in for simply sending an email… oh yes, we were now believers.

Did people unsubscribe? Uh, yeah, of course some did. Were we sad? Uh, heck no! Were we terrified that it could happen again? Uh, nope. Were we living in regret, wishing that we never made that offer to our list? NOPE… because we were staring down paypal payments in our inbox!

So let’s dig into that list of profiles from Identifying The 9 Profile ‘Types’ On Your Email List At ALL Times“… and show you exactly what will happen when you make offers on a regular basis… and I know for certain it will kick ANY FEAR straight to the curb when you see the LOGIC and the common sense and good business sense behind it.



These guys will be ‘offended’ at a simple little offer. They get flaming mad when ONE email out of the hundreds that you send is an attempt to make money with your expertise. That just cracks me up. I’m not offended when you say NO to my offers… why the heck should you be offended that I made one? Only one answer… you were just a taker.

These guys will eventually unsubscribe, sometimes immediately at your very first offer. That’s going to happen. Let it slide off your back. Give and serve the ones you’re meant to serve. Don’t stop giving and offering things because of these takers. Say bye-bye and good riddance from the ones sucking you dry for their own self-interest, keep your focus on serving the people who really need/want you.

And here’s how THEY benefit too… when they leave your list, they are no longer being ENABLED to be losers. They’re no longer getting free tip after free tip, thinking they can actually grow their business off from free tips. Sure they might find someone else to latch onto… but they just might realize that they need to put some skin in the game if they want to be successful.



The stealers will likely stay on your list, if your offers are something they’d want to steal too, haha So they will stay and copy your offers.

Or sometimes if you make enough offers that are not relevant enough for them to steal for their crowd, they will unsubscribe. They’ll also think you’re quite rude for ‘expecting’ them to spend money with you. They look at it that way because they are on your list for the wrong reasons, and their guilty conscious will cause them to ‘villainize’ you in their minds when they are no longer getting what they need, like somehow you’re the jerk, haha So bye-bye stealers! Nice knowing ya! Glad you’re gone!

But here’s how it actually helps them too… When they leave your list, they are now being forced to look at their own business, come up with their own fresh ideas, and they could actually come up with something cool. So you’re helping them ‘reform’



The haters will eventually LEAVE YOUR LIST and unsubscribe. Because the more regularly you make offers, and the more they see that you are continuing to truck along, unscathed by their negative vibes, and that your life goes on… they’ll get pissed.

Every time they see an offer come through an email from you they will see that you are doing something with your life and business and (at least you appear to be) successful and making money. They will give up their hater-mission and unsubscribe. YAY FOR YOU! (they still might hate on you, haha, but at least not so aggressively and nosily, all up in your business.) YAY FOR YOU!

What’s cool about it for THEM – is that now they are free… now they can use all that energy somewhere else in their life instead. They can let go of trying to justify their hatred, realizing it’s not going to work.



These folks could buy. They might not buy. They love learning, and they love the information you give so much that they are willing to ‘endure’ and withstand a couple of emails with offers, in order to get the other good stuff you give. They stay on your list and although they are truly do-it-yourselfers, they can potentially be converted into a buyer if your offer is compelling enough.



These guys will very likely buy. For some reason, they sometimes equate ‘buying things for business’ as actually ‘accomplishing things’ for business… And that means they are the kinds with ‘shiny object syndrome’ and they are buyers, when the right thing comes across their plate. They don’t get offended by offers, they kind of look forward to seeing what the next one will be. They stay on your list and they buy.



These could buy… but it’s more likely when they see your offers… they think of, or know other people they’d like to recommend it to. They will become affiliates, or they will forward your email offers to their friends. You get surprise bonus orders coming through from these guys. And they stay on your list.



These guys are buyers at some point. They don’t get offended when you make an offer, they appreciate you for letting them know all the different ways there are available to work with you. They are actually watching everything closely, looking and waiting for the one that fits their budget, and fits their needs. So keep on making offers, and eventually these guys will buy one of them. And they stay on your list because they love you.



Uh, this one speaks for itself, haha These are the ones that will buy every single time you make an offer… so the more you make… the better. They will stay on your list forever until you don’t have any new offers they want.



These people love what you put out, so they don’t get offended at a simple little offer. But they aren’t interested in most of them either. These folks will JUMP the second they see an offer that is HIGH LEVEL, EXPENSIVE, EXCLUSIVE, gives special VIP treatment, luxury service. So they will stay on your list, and they will eventually become a buyer if you make enough offers, and you make one at a high level.


So you see, the only people who will ‘unsubscribe’ are the FIRST THREE… the negative, nasty ones. These are the ones who would have NEVER bought from you anyways, the ones who were ‘dead weight’, the ones that you are NOT in business to serve.

So there’s nothing ‘bad’ that can happen to you, or the people on your list, when you make an offer. In fact, only good things happen, for all parties involved. And it also shows you just how REALLY IMPORTANT it is to work your list. You can see that some will even leave if you’re not making enough offers. Who knew?

So ALL GOOD things happen when you make offers… Your list gets ‘cleaned’ regularly… your list gets ‘qualified’ regularly.

There’s a natural ebb and flow. And the ratio of ‘unsubscribes’ compared to the amount of money you will make is completely insignificant. If you’re digging this article and really got some great insight you can click here to download the PDF version free.

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