Want To Learn How To ATTRACT Clients Who Are ‘Pre-Sold’ And Hot For Everything You Offer?

If you’re hosting webinars, but teeny amounts of people are signing up

If you’re offering products, programs and services, but nobody’s buying…

And heck, even if you’re offering free things, but can’t seem to generate any interest or build your list…

I bet YOU THINK it’s because your stuff just isn’t good enough… or even worse… that you aren’t good enough…

Truth is, your real problem is most likely a very simple one to correct.

You’re simply not getting known… not getting noticed… not getting remembered

We’ve really made a name for ourselves by knowing how to establish deep personal connections and invoke a fierce loyalty among our tribe…

And we don’t say this to ‘brag’… It’s just to show you what is possible for you…

Wouldn’t it be totally freakin’ awesome if people were ‘pre-sold’
if people loved the crap out of you so much prior to you making an offer?

If they respected you as an expert authority before you even launch a single thing… so that they buy like crazy when you do make an offer?

Fact: Your ability to attract clients & sell things online
has less to do with what you offer… and has everything to do with what people think of you!

Reality check… Your audience thinks that we are all pretty much selling the same stuff.

You’ve been commoditized.

But when you know exactly how to CONNECT with your audience on a personal, relational and emotional level, you will see 2x more impact and sales than folks who are just trying to sell business or functional value (Study done by the Corporate Executive Board CEB)

So if you’re doing business online…
You ARE a public figure… whether you like it or not.
You HAVE a personal brand, whether you like it or not.

It’s when you rise up and decide to take charge of how you want to be seen and remembered that your business will change forever.

Our new audio training is going to show you how to do exactly that… Introducing…


In this 65-minute downloadable audio (plus PDF transcript), you will learn:

  • Simple things that create instant feelings of trust with your audience
  • What ‘Branding’ REALLY is (and it’s NOT what you’ve been told before)
  • How preloading your audience’s mind with ‘stuff’ about you will make them buy without even a thought!
  • What the REAL ‘secret sauce’ is to invoke fierce loyalty from your tribe and getting them to buy over and over again (and no, it’s not humor, it’s not a certain ‘image’… you’ll love how surprisingly simple and genuine it is)
  • Using your personality in your marketing… the right way (especially on Facebook – what you should ‘let out’ and what you should never ‘let out’)
  • To spend less time creating your marketing messages – and instead get the market to create messages about YOU
  • How to not only qualify, but DISqualify potentials and prospects (yup, you MUST be doing both at all times



This is the kind of stuff that takes you out of competition with all of the other people that ‘do what you do’…

This is the kind of stuff that goes way beyond ‘marketing tactics’ and helps you understand people and make deep personal connections…

This is the kind of stuff that, until now, we’ve only shared with our high-level private consulting clients…

This is the super power behind client attraction that nobody tells you…

Just imagine… What if you got random, unsolicited emails every day like this


‘drawn to us’ and totally pre-sold ‘not much thought involved’

talk example 4

Private message we received out of the blue on Facebook


Sees us as more of an expert/authority than her high-ticket coach

emails from peeps

It seems like ‘magic’

Get These Kinds of ‘Pre-Sold’ People For Yourself




Robin & Mike Pisciotta are highly sought-after Marketing Mentors & Revenue Strategists who have transformed hundreds of their clients into ‘funnel fanatics’ and ‘leverage lovers’ through list building, email marketing, launches, funnels, automation, and conversion techniques that have resulted in multi-million dollar successes.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs all over the world are paying attention to what Mike & Robin have to say about leverage, and their strategies that bring accelerated results, without being a slave to your business.   As stay at home parents of a four-year-old son & brand new baby girl, they believe that making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, so they’ve mastered the art of leveraging and maximizing every ounce of your online marketing so you can serve more people, make craptons of money… and have the freedom to enjoy it all.

“We’re just a couple of crazy dreamers who believe it’s possible for EVERYONE to build unique and profitable biz that everyone’s talking about, while having the freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest.” ~~ Mike & Robin Pisciotta