With the advent of the new “timeline” feature becoming mandatory to business and brand pages, Facebook has removed the ability to control a “default” landing or welcome page. Many businesses are upset about this change but as an entrepreneur it is very clear why this major change has taken place; Facebook is going public!

Facebook has moved beyond “social network” to publicly traded company and with that comes the need to monetize wherever possible. Facebook, like Google, has been generating revenue through its PPC (Pay Per Click) or “Facebook Ads” stream. It only made sense for Facebook to remove these “default” features for businesses and brands requiring us to “need” their advertising feature. Genius business move for them; pain in the butt for us.

Along with these changes Facebook has also added certain limitations and rules concerning the message and content of the new timeline “cover” images. The main limitations to the“cover” image designs include;

  • No calls to action
  • Can no longer prompt visitors to “interact”, “like” or “share” directly from the cover image
  • No contact info, web URLs or email addresses

So what does all this mean for businesses?

Great question!

These new changes call for the marketer in all of us to be more creative and think outside of the box.

While many business owners and brand managers are scrambling to figure out how to meld their existing pages and tabs into the new timeline setting we have laid out a very clear solution for sending visitors to a “landing” page.

Facebook Ads

Businesses and brand pages can utilize Facebook’s PPC advertising to direct visitors to custom landing pages, applications and even external URLs. When creating a Facebook ad campaign simply click on the “destination” tab and select your custom application, tab or page (see below) to direct visitors where you want them to go.

Custom Tabs

Facebook has added the ability to “display” all your “goodies”, in a sense, just below your timeline cover image. They have increased the custom tab images size to 112px x 74px allowing users to create cool buttons and attention grabbing tab images. This is where businesses MUST get creative and innovative with designing cool buttons and tab icons that entice users to click and interact with their apps, tabs and custom pages

Although some of this may be a little frustrating to users and social media managers we should probably get used to these changes as it is pretty certain that once we get used to these new rules and features Facebook will decide to revamp and have us all scrambling again

If you’re looking for help creating a cool, custom Facebook experience for your fans and visitors or just want help designing your new timeline cover image or custom Facebook tab; we’d love to help! You can send us an email by CLICKING HERE or give us a shout at 800-540-9537

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