A Facebook Timeline Cover is the large horizontal image that appears at the top of your Facebook Timeline. This is your opportunity to enforce your brand, get creative and let folks learn a bit more about your business, what you’re about, and what makes you tick.  The best timelines are unique, individualized and send a clear message.

Facebook seems like a dream come true for entrepreneurs who are serious about marketing and making sales – after all, you get free real estate to promote all your services, products, webinars, events, etc., right?  But not so fast…

As we all know, Facebook needs to make money, so there’s only so much “free” promoting they’ll let us do so they’ve put in place some pretty strict rules as to what you absolutely CANNOT have on your timeline photo.

Here are 5 Major No-No’s for Your Facebook Business Page Timeline Cover:

1.       No Price or Purchase Information

You cannot list prices or any sort of purchase information on your Timeline cover. There can be no mention of things like “40% off” or “Download it at our website” or “Limited Time Offer”, “Buy One Get One Free” or anything indicating price, promotion or purchase.

2.       No Contact Information

You cannot place email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, store locations, mailing addresses, directions or any other information intended for your Page’s About section.

3.       No Facebook Call to Action

Not only can you not ask visitors to take an action towards your website, place of business, or making a purchase, but you also cannot tell them to use any Facebook actions such as “Like” or “Share” on your Timeline cover.  You can’t even have arrows pointing to the like button and things like that.

We know, this one totally sucks (especially because we were all used to doing it before this rule came into play) but don’t worry, there are still ways to encourage getting “likes” and luckily we are still allowed to use calls to action and pointing arrows on our Facebook Lead Generation – Landing & Reveal Page Apps

4.       No Business Call to Action

Throw practically everything you have learned about increasing website customer conversion out the window when it comes to creating your Facebook covers. Facebook declares that there should be absolutely NO Calls to Action (CTA).  Don’t tell customers to visit your website or your place of business or tell them to try your product or service, nothing like “Tell Your Friends” or “Get it Now”.  However, you can imply it by showing pictures of people enjoying your products and services, but you’ve got to keep words out of it.

5.       No More Than 20% Text

This one is Facebook’s newest guideline and is pretty much a no-brainer.  Your Timeline Cover can’t have more than 20% of the area with text (words) on it.  This includes text in your logo image and any text in general.  So you can’t be slick and have an image of you and your family lined up with words plastered all over your t-shirts.  If the words are more than 20% of the space, you’re in violation.  Here’s a cool tool by Scalable Social Media that you can use to test your image to see if it’s in line: Click here to test out your Facebook Timeline Cover with the 20% rule

Take the Rules Seriously or Risk Losing Your Page, Your Followers & Your Hard Work

Facebook has ruffled an awful lot of feathers by instituting this strict set of guidelines.  Savvy entrepreneurs were quite put out by being told they cant market their businesses in that prime real estate.  We are now in essence being forced to pay for ads in order to achieve what was once a piece of cake (getting likes).

So begins the temptations to cross the line.  With over a billion users, a lot of companies are assuming that there’s no way Facebook can pay attention to the details of each page and they just put up whatever image they want.  Or another thing happening is that unskilled and uneducated Virtual Assistants are putting up images that break the rules.

But Facebook wants their rules to be taken seriously – a violation of these regulations could have your Business Page removed without notice.  This means that all your hard work, all those followers and “likes” that you have attained will be lost.

Another thing to consider is that there are millions of honest entrepreneurs who ARE following the rules and they are starting to revolt against businesses that are outright breaking the rules, and thus getting an advantage in the marketplace.  Every user on Facebook has the ability to report a violation that they see.  You can be certain that competitors, social media service providers and others who don’t like folks getting an unfair advantage by breaking the rules WILL BE reporting your page when they see it.  Sometimes Facebook sends you a warning notice advising you to remove your Timeline Cover, but there have been reported cases of being caput without notice… so be careful!

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