Can Personality be a Conversion Killer?

Being quirky and having tons of personality is great for business in so many ways.  You know, we’re huge advocates of being yourself, being true to who you are, and not being afraid to let your personality shine in big ways.  But there’s a time and a place for everything. 

We all want to stand out, be unique, and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, and one of the best ways to do it is to let your personality shine.  It’s fabulous to be as unique, funny and quirky as you want to be in your blog writing, email nurture campaigns, the names of your programs, video marketing, and stuff like that…


But keep your personality & quirkiness out of your high conversion areas.

Sometimes we find that people try too hard to infuse personality into their websites and you find it everywhere, like overkill.  But there are 2 main areas that are critical when it comes to your website conversions and the likelihood of someone taking the action you want them to take. These 2 areas need to be as clear and concise as possible.

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Call to Action (and Buttons)


Vague & strange wording creates click fear

how to avoid click fear and improve conversionDon’t use language that’s overly personal where the visitor has to connect the dots with your brand name and style in order to figure out the context of your verbiage.  It creates an uncertainty.  It’s almost like an ‘inside joke’ kind of thing that you might have to explain for someone to ‘get the correlation’ or get the joke.

If your language causes people to be unsure of what will happen after they click, it creates click fear.  So in most cases they won’t click.

We’ve all got horror stories of getting an online quote and within minutes you’ve got tons of salespeople calling.  Or how about the ones that you try to download a free report and instead you unknowingly install malware on your computer?  It’s just part of internet life… Lots of bad, bad things could possibly happen when you click.


If you want to get people to click, make them feel in control.

It’s the uncertainty that kills the clicks.  People like to feel in control.  They feel more comfortable and at ease when they know exactly what’s going to happen.

To improve your conversion rates, it’s best to leave little to the imagination.  Using the right text can build trust and eliminate anxiety.  So although personality is great, there are times when it’s best to just stick with the tried and true ‘boring’ language.


How to Avoid Click Fear and Improve Conversions

Navigation Menu

With Personality (Vague & Confusing)

Let’s Dance

Rock It Out

You & Me

Together Time

Fab Stuff

The Coolest Opportunity

What Works (Clear & Concise)

Work With Me

Solutions / Services

Coaching Programs

1-1 Coaching

Free Resources

Become an Affiliate

Call to Action & Buttons

With Personality (Vague & Confusing)

Uplevel Now

Let’s Rock

Check It Before you Wreck It

Hell Yeah

Ready for a Leap?

What Works (Clear & Concise)

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Today

Begin the Application Process

Get a Free Website Conversion Analysis

Buy Now and Save 40%

Click here to learn more about a VIP Day


Now look at the text in the left columns…

Are they cute?  YES!

Are they quirky?  YES!

Do they have personality and embody your brand? YES!

Are the effective to convert at a high level?  Eh, not so much.

Are they clear & direct so the person knows exactly what it’s about and what’s going to happen when they click?  Nope.

Will they make you lots of money?  Nope.


Too much of a good thing can be bad.

That’s the moral of the story.  Now go tweak your website and see if you can improve your conversions!

This is just one tiny way that you can drastically improve your ability to make money online.  We’ll be covering this topic (as well as many others) in our upcoming Marketing Game-Changer 8-Week Group Training Series.  So if you’re looking to step up your game, avoid costly mistakes and get serious about making craploads of money online, you might want to check out the details of the program.  


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