In this guide, we will be walking you through the steps necessary to make a person an admin on your Facebook business page. Pages are simply those Facebook accounts that are used to carry out business or other activities that are not personalized. There are two ways to do it. You can do it:

  • On Desktop, or
  • On the mobile application for Facebook Page


  • Visit from your
    browser and proceed to sign in. You may be logged in automatically.
  • Now, locate the Facebook logo select it. You’ll
    see a white square positioned at the top left corner of your window. It has a
    blue f in it. That’s the logo.
  • Click on Pages. You’ll find it located under

If you’re not taken directly to your pages or pages, at the window’s top,
you’ll see a tab that says Your Pages. Click it.

In order to be able to make another person an admin, it is required that
you are a Page admin too.

  • Select a Page name. Determine what page you wish
    to get an admin added.
  • Choose Settings. You find a white bar located at
    the top right corner of your browser window. That’s where Settings is.
  • Select Page Roles. You’ll find it near the menu
    center located at your window’s left side.
  • Navigate to the section that says you should
    assign-a-new-page-role. You’ll find it in your window’s left pane.
  • Key in an email address of any person that you
    wish to make an admin.
  • To the right, you’ll find a drop-down menu
    beside the email field. Click it.
  • Now select Admin
  • You’ll see the Add button. It’s blue. Click it.
    You have successfully made the person an admin using their email address, and
    they can now perform admin duties on your Facebook page. To do this, they will
    have to log in using the exact email address. The actions that a Page admin can
    carry out include content editing, buying ads, users addition or deleting.


  • You need to download the Facebook Page
    application. Now open it. The app is white and has a flag icon that is orange
    in color.

You can get the Facebook Page application for free when you download from
App Store and Play Store.

  • Click on ☰ located at the top left corner
  • Click on a page. Select what page of your choice
    that you want to have an admin added.
  • At the bottom right corner, click …
  • Now, navigate to Page Settings and click it. You
    will find it located in the SETTINGS category which is at the end of the menu.
  • Click on Edit Page Roles. You’ll find it towards
    the Page’s top
  • Choose to add a person to the page. You’ll find
    the option at the screen’s top. Where you’re asked, please simply retype your
    password. To make another person an admin, it is required that you be an admin
  • Next, type in a Facebook friends’ name. In the
    event that you’re not yet friends with them on Facebook, send a friend request
    to them, and once they have accepted, you can proceed to make the friend a Page
  • Now, click the friend’s name to be added.
  • Click on Admin
  • Click on ADD. At this point, you’ve successfully
    made your friend an admin, and they can perform admin duties. Remember that the
    actions that a Page admin can carry out include content editing, buying ads,
    users addition or deleting.

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